• Could The Rittenhouse Verdict Help To Heal This Country?

    Posted by · November 22, 2021 9:18 AM

    The public reactions to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict are revealing of the deep ideological divisions between the political left and right in this country - and beyond it. The hatred and contempt is very strong on both sides.

    As bad as the situation is, there are some aspects of the trial and its resolution that could positively affect the country and possibly move us in a better direction. Both sides of the political spectrum were shown some ugly truths and both sides could be improved by those revelations if they would allow themselves to see clearly.

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  • The Media Is Lying to You About Kyle Rittenhouse

    Posted by · November 15, 2021 11:10 PM

    Like many people this week, I have been watching the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Unlike most, I have been obsessed with it. I have watched almost every minute of the proceedings. 

    I won’t comment on the trial itself. I’ll leave that for people to judge for themselves.  What I want to discuss is narrative. 

    You might be surprised to know just how many people have an outright false idea of the facts of this case.   It isn’t their fault.  They have repeatedly been fed a narrative. It doesn’t matter whether that narrative includes straight lies, or just a bunch of inferences that lead people to think something that didn’t happen.  What matters is that most of us have no idea what happened and everyone has very strong opinions without knowing the facts.

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  • "Private" Vaccine Passports and Their Enemies

    Posted by · November 06, 2021 11:42 AM

    The issue of privately issued vaccine mandates has been a divisive one among libertarians. The pure libertarian position is that private entities should have the right to set their own terms, and to choose who they hire and serve - even if their decisions are unsavory.  This is the answer to the “bake the cake” argument, and is ultimately correct.

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  • Make Nevada Open for Entrepreneurship

    Posted by · October 18, 2021 7:48 AM


    What do we mean when we talk about an ‘economy’? What is an economy? I’ve asked this question to many people, and virtually all of them struggle to answer it, even economists. Most answer this question by explaining the characteristics of economies: a system of exchange or supply and demand, for example. How would you answer it? Based on your answer, answer one more question: what does it mean for an economy to grow?

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  • Libertarians in the Media: An Interview With Our Vice-Chair

    Posted by · October 11, 2021 6:13 PM

    Our state party vice-chair and chair of the Clark County affiliate, Jeff Hurley, was recently interviewed by local journalist, political commentator and activist Mindy Robinson - the full article can be found here.  

    It is a stellar interview - Mindy asked interesting and nuanced questions, and gave Jeff space to answer at length and in detail.  He discusses the priorities of the state party, the corruption of the duopoly system, and the urgent need for resistance to the mandates. Read the whole thing!

  • I Have Some Questions

    Posted by · October 08, 2021 6:50 PM

    There was a noteworthy commotion at a recent Clark County Commission meeting. As attendees chanted “Freedom of Speech! Freedom of Speech!” tensions escalated until venue security forcibly removed people from the meeting - and a violent altercation ensued. The video is available here.  One of those involved was in fact a candidate for office - Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Mack Miller.

    This incident raises some serious questions.  How have we reached a point where one group of elected officials (with no demonstrable health expertise) uses its police power to forcibly remove a candidate for state office who wants to ask questions about that entity’s arbitrary health policy diktats? And the one raising those legitimate questions is not met with civility - just violence?  And during a public meeting where they claim to be doing “the people’s business” in one of their so-called “people’s house”?

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  • Libertarian Perspectives In The Media: Vaccine Mandates

    Posted by · September 16, 2021 10:51 AM

    As Libertarians, we reject the outrageous vaccine mandates pushed by the Biden Administration.  Self-ownership is the most fundamental truth of human existence and our highest value.  The right to decide what substances enter your body is one of the most basic applications of this principle. The recent executive orders from the president’s office seek to draft private companies into a war on our medical freedom, and are wildly unethical.

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  • Local News: Police Rob Man

    Posted by · September 06, 2021 8:24 PM

    Nevada Earns a D

    The Institute for Justice is a fantastic organization that works to curb government overreach through litigation, activism, and drafting model legislation. They recently took on a case here in Nevada to assist US Marine Corps veteran Stephen Lara in his fight to reclaim his life’s savings - stolen by NV highway patrol in a civil asset forfeiture case.

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  • The catch-22 of American self preservation by means of Imperialism: Afghanistan

    Posted by · August 30, 2021 12:51 PM

    The United States’ war on terror has been effective in at least two ways: radicalizing countless more insurgents (now willing to give their lives for God and country against their invaders from the west) and making the “money printer go brrr” - ie: pouring trillions of dollars into the military industrial complex. Have you ever wondered what that kind of money can buy? One answer: it can buy agreement between the right and left wings of the mainstream media outlets. Namely, the idea that “we have to keep these wars going or we’ll get more 9/11’s”.

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  • Maison Des Champs speaks on liberty

    Posted by · August 11, 2021 10:16 AM

    It’s a video the likes of which we have all seen— adrenaline inducing, the kind that makes the palms of your hands sweat.  

    In the video, you see Maison Des Champs,  a young American man wearing a shirt with “END THE TYRANNY, ‘JUST SAY NO’ TO GOVERNMENT” written on it (he later told us that the back of the shirt said “STOP THE MANDATES”). He is filming himself while climbing the outside of the Aria - a 600ft hotel and casino in the center of the Las Vegas strip.

    “The goal of this is to protest the new mandates in Nevada… and around the country. These mandates are a threat to our personal freedom and our civil liberties. And you know, 15 days has slowly turned into 400-something and now is the time to draw the line.”

    Maison Des Champs goes on to explain that he had made this daring climb to raise awareness of the upcoming anti-mandate protest on Saturday, August 14th (meeting at 8:00 AM outside of the Planet Hollywood Casino at 3500 S. Las Vegas Blvd).  He was kind enough to join the Libertarian Party of Nevada for a Q&A style interview.  Watch the full video and then read on for our interview with Maison Des Champs!

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    Posted by · August 03, 2021 12:34 PM

  • Freedom-Loving Las Vegans Coalesce Against Medical Totalitarianism

    Posted by · August 02, 2021 1:39 PM

    Today, citizens of Las Vegas were united by their pain and frustration at the new mandates issued at the state and county level. They were also motivated by the suffering of their compatriots in public comment at the "emergency meeting” of July 20, 2021. They had all watched the feelings of the public be held in total disregard by the members of the Clark County Board of Commissioners - now they were here to make their voices heard.

    The crowd gathered on the corner of S. Decatur and Meadows and lined the street in front of the Southern Nevada Health District Main Facility. There was a feeling of unity in the group, which embodied a broad spectrum of the community and bridged the political and racial barriers we are constantly told to see as deeply dividing and separating us all. The unifying force on this 96°F Las Vegas summer day was a desire for freedom.

    The message from the people was clear; they demanded medical freedom. Upwards of 60 people were in attendance - waving flags and holding signs high. An uproar of horns cheered them on as passersby made their support clear. Las Vegas wants to be free. As time passed, stories of oppression, pain and heartache were shared. 

    It was obvious to all in attendance that this was only the beginning. If local officials move forward with these tyrannical mandates, the people will push back. We will not comply.


  • The Clark County Covid Regime

    Posted by · July 25, 2021 3:43 PM

    Listening to the recording of the Clark County Commissioners meeting was fascinating.  If you have three hours to spare it is worth watching.  On Tuesday July 19th 2021 that body issued a new mask mandate which applies to all indoor workers in the county.  This edict ends the approximately two months of freedom of choice enjoyed by Clark County workers since the original mask mandate issued at the state level went into effect on June 4th 2020.

    The public comment period which preceded the deliberation was overwhelmingly and vehemently opposed to the proposed mandate, to the point where several participants were physically removed from the meeting. It was apparent from early on that the commissioners present were not interested in or receptive to the position taken by the public.  After the tense period of public comment, they proceeded to testimony from Dr. Cort Lohff from the Southern Nevada Health District, and then onwards to deliberation.

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  • LP Nevada 2020 State Convention report

    Posted by · March 01, 2020 8:34 AM


    The Libertarian Party of Nevada held its 2020 state convention on February 29 at the Beacon Center in Las Vegas. Dozens of members from around the Battle Born state attended to cast their votes for Nevada's delegates to the Libertarian National Convention, nominate our party's candidates for public office, and find out the winner of the presidential straw poll.

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  • LP in the news! (2/26/20)

    Posted by · February 26, 2020 10:47 AM


    We're in a major election year, the entire country is paying attention to the presidential race, and people are once again noticing the Libertarian Party as they hold their nose at the Democratic and Republican candidates. More and more Americans are realizing with horror that their choices in November will likely be Donald Trump the corrupt and failed tycoon, or Bernie Sanders the Marxist pretending to be a social democrat.

    The Libertarian presidential primary race has been no less exciting, although it's been much more respectable than what the public sees from Team D and Team R.

    Starting off with news from the Libertarian presidential primaries, Reason put out an article announcing the former Governor (I) and Senator (R) of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee, has thrown his hat in the ring. The Hill also ran an article on Chafee's third party run. The Toledo Blade compared Chafee to Gary Johnson, while theorizing that Congressman Justin Amash may still jump into the race at the last minute.

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  • LP in the News! (11/24/19)

    Posted by · November 24, 2019 11:52 AM


    America is still talking about the Libertarian Party. Now that the country is one year away from a Presidential election, that's exactly what we want. The mass media usually belittles third parties like the LP, yet millions of Americans continue to lend us their attention during those brief periods, hungrily hoping that we'll present them with a better alternative than the Coke-versus-Pepsi charade that Team D and Team R have always given them.

    But first, we're still laughing about the extremely salty over-reaction from Republicans and conservatives across Kentucky and across America for "spoiling" the Kentucky governor's race for the GOP. What set them off the most was the statement on LP Kentucky's Facebook page claiming that the LP is "happy to cause delicious tears from Bevin supporters"... which is completely true! And they certainly were delicious...

    News articles belly-aching about this grievous outrage appeared on Fox News, The Blaze, Raw Story, WKYT News, WYMT News, WHAS 11, Tristate Homepage, PJ Media, and the Kentucky Right to Life Association. LP Kentucky was also mentioned in a Fortune article, although not in the context of whiny complainers who refuse to grasp how 100,000 Kentucky Republicans specifically voted for every Republican on the ticket EXCEPT Matt Bevin. (It's funny how conservatives are the first to call other people snowflakes, but they sure seem to be the first to melt down from some words from a minor party.)

    But we know everybody wants to hear about the pool of Libertarian presidential candidates, so let's delve into those news spotlights!

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  • LP Nevada in the News! (11/24/19)

    Posted by · November 24, 2019 10:18 AM


    LAS VEGAS (Nov. 24, 2019) -- After way too long of a delay, LP in the News is back! While there will be an edition today talking about the LP across America, this edition is all about the Silver State's Libertarians, from Reno to the wild ranch lands to glam Las Vegas.

    First, we want to give a big shout out and congratulations to Robert Strawder, a.k.a. Vegas Don, after the successful launch of his new podcast, the Hip Hop Meets Politics Podcast. This show takes on controversial issues like the war on drugs and interviewing black and Latino voters who go against the grain and support Donald Trump. Strawder is an LP Nevada member and we were proud to have him represent us as a Congressional candidate in 2018. Strawder's candidacy even got endorsed by hip hop legend Shock G of Digital Underground! You can find the Hip Hop Meets Politics Podcast on Applecast and Simplecast.

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  • Response to the Libertarian Socialist Caucus on Venezuela

    Posted by · July 12, 2019 4:40 PM

    GNB-arresting-pemon-woman.jpgVenezuelan soldiers arrest a young Pemon woman for protesting. Image from Periodico el Libertario.

    There's been a lot of online discussion among some of the more active members of the Libertarian Party's Libertarian Socialist Caucus about Venezuela. Unfortunately, most of these talking points are completely untrue. Several intellectually honest LSC members have, to their credit, contacted me with their questions, knowing I've worked closely with members of the Venezuelan Opposition for over two years.

    The long story short of the best libertarian position on Venezuela is that there should be no US military adventures in Latin America, but Maduro is also a brutal dictator and the Venezuelan people have every right to get rid of him.

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  • LP in the News: International (5/15/2019)

    Posted by · May 15, 2019 1:15 PM

    Above: Former Assemblywoman Natalia Diaz, Costa Rica

    May 15 has proven to be a great day for relishing the all the news about the Libertarian Party. It's not just the party of principle--it's a party of people and a party of action. The stories covering LP candidates and causes spilled over beyond today's edition of LP in the News. Then, even after a long edition of Even More LP in the News, we were still looking at a stack of stories about other countries' Libertarian Parties in the news, and what other countries' news media is saying about the LP of the USA.

    The Libertarian Party of Nevada is pleased to inaugurate the first installment of LP in the News: International Edition. We'll start off with the international coverage. The Italian news station Sky 24 discussed career activist Adam Kokesh and comedian Vermin Supreme in an article about third party candidates in US presidential elections. It's cool that journalists abroad are interested in third party candidates.

    The very Catholic, very conservative news site Hispanidad, based in Spain, published a brief article on Governor Bill Weld, 2016 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. The editorial staff rather scornfully points out in bold, enlarged text that Weld "supports abortion and gay marriage." Yahoo Noticias put out a much longer, more in-depth, and more upbeat article about Weld, his goals, and his chances of making an impact on the election.

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  • Even More LP in the News! (5/15/2019)

    Posted by · May 15, 2019 1:21 AM

    Hip Hop Meets Politics: Doug Davis (left) and Vegas Don (right)

    There are so many Libertarians who made the news in the last few weeks that we just couldn't fit it all in today's LP in the News. This edition of Even More LP in the News has hip hop, cannabis, ballot access, black guns, and Chic-Fil-A.

    Indian Country Today briefly mentioned the Libertarian Party in an excellent essay about America's broken electoral system and the disparate lack of representation, especially for Native peoples. As far as Libertarian solutions, our first instinct is to shrink the federal government and immediately permit the sovereign Native nations to do whatever the hell they want. However, we're available and willing to be actively engaged in a dialogue with any Native American nation that'll sit at the table with us. We're also very interested in Native Americans holding positions of responsibility in our party.

    Echoing Mark Trahant's shoutouts to third parties in Indian Country Today, the Colorado-based Durango Herald published a lovely op-ed against the mainstream political machines suppressing independent candidates. That's why we at LP Nevada want to thank The Batavian (New York), the Door County Pulse (Wisconsin), the Unionville Times (Pennsylvania), and the Reflector (North Carolina) for announcing upcoming LP events. If we want to grow the LP so independent and third parties aren't easily suppressed, we recommend following the example of the LP volunteers who advertised their upcoming events to these local media venues. 

    Moving on to the tour of the local scenes across America, we'll start the national sweep with Sin City, Nevada.

    Robert Strawder, a.k.a. Vegas Don, is a hip hop artist and a former congressional candidate on the LP ticket. Strawder was interviewed by Vudu Spellz for Deftal TV, where he talked about the recent Teen Choice Talent Awards. "It was basically for kids, giving them an outlet, instead of playing video games, gang banging, robbing, hustling, doing whatever, it was to showcase their talent and get them believe in themselves. Also, to put together a photoshoot, videoshoot, and production for a fully produced track... 1st Place got 3 tracks; second place, two; third place, one... Vegas has a lot of talent."

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  • LP in the News (5/15/2019)

    Posted by · May 14, 2019 7:02 PM


    The last month has been busier than ever for Libertarians across America. And of course, America's Libertarians are making the news! From the red rocky deserts of Nevada to the bustling streets of New York City, local and national media outlets alike are picking up the buzz on what the Libertarians are doing. 

    We'll start off with what everybody really wants to know about: the 2020 Libertarian presidential primaries. The Libertarian Republic and Being Libertarian both published updated guides on the various declared contenders for the Libertarian presidential nomination. Both guides list longtime libertarian Adam Kokesh and the comedian Vermin Supreme. (Above image: Daniel Behrman, Texas)

    Both Kokesh and Supreme were mentioned in an Italian-language article from Sky 24, an Italian news station, about US third party presidential candidates. Vermin Supreme is the only Libertarian candidate named in a Madera Tribune op-ed on how there are too many presidential candidates, while The Gazette (based in Idaho) featured the LP's Daniel Behrman in an article on te 400+ presidential candidates across the U.S.

    A conservative-leaning editorial in the Houston Chronicle talks about how Joe Biden needs Libertarian voters to challenge Trump--assuming Biden even wins the Democratic nomination. The Washington Post covered Governor Bill Weld, arguing that he can't beat Trump, but he's the only real way conservatives can dissent. Weld is a Lifetime Member of the Libertarian Party even though he's running against Trump in the 2020 Republican primaries. Frankly, this is a great strategy; it weakens and divides the GOP, it will turn some Republicans off of the GOP to vote Libertarian, and it also clears the playing field inside the LP for new blood to show their quality.

    With Weld out of the Libertarian presidential primaries, Adam Kokesh is the best organized and longest-campaigning of the current crop of presidential contenders. He has a campaign team, a reserve of volunteers in nearly every state, and also has a solid 15 years of activism experience as a capital-L Libertarian. Kokesh wasn't in the news this time only because of his campaign; instead, Republican Rep. Chad Christensen, an ex-Nevada Assemblyman and current Idaho State Representative, was busted by the Post Register for plagiarizing whole paragraphs from Adam's 2008 essay "Duty to Resist." We're not surprised that this is coming from a Republican politician.

    There are still only crickets coming from Congressman Justin Amash's corner, but Reason still keeps talking about the possibility of an Amash 2020 run. Now, let's get to the state and regional news!

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  • El Partido Libertario Cubano cumple dos años

    Posted by · May 14, 2019 5:11 PM


    Hace dos años, casi nadie en el mundo sabía que había libertarios en Cuba. Sí, es cierto, ¡libertarios en Cuba!

    Comenzaron como un pequeño grupo de activistas que se hacían llamar el Club Anarcocapitalista de Cuba y más tarde formaron el grupo de estudio "Mises Cuba". Los líderes de este pequeño grupo de nuevos libertarios habían aprendido sobre las ideas libertarias por su propia cuenta, con su acceso limitado al Internet. Se convirtieron en libertarios simplemente por un sincero deseo de aprender sobre la libertad humana.

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  • The Cuban LP turns 2!

    Posted by · May 14, 2019 3:43 PM


    Two years ago, hardly anyone in the world knew there were libertarians in Cuba. Yes, that's right, libertarians in Cuba!

    They'd started as a tiny group of activists calling themselves the Cuban Anarchocapitalist Club and later formed a Mises Cuba study group. The leaders of this small group of new libertarians had learned about libertarian ideas on their own, with their limited access to the internet. They became libertarian simply from a sincere desire to learn

    These brave freedom activists first came to the Libertarian Party of Nevada's attention in February of 2017, when a Cuban refugee recently arrived in Miami contacted one of our members asking for help. Two libertarians, Ubaldo Herrera and Manuel Velasquez, were arrested by State Security officers (the secret police) and sentenced to time in prison in a kangaroo court on false charges.

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  • The Case for Reparations for the Black Community

    Posted by · April 15, 2019 8:35 AM

    The Case for Reparations to the Black Community

    Noun rep· a· ra· tion | \ ˌre-pə-ˈrā-shən\
    1a: A repairing or keeping in repair

    Cory Booker recently announced that he was going to author a bill, saying “this bill is a way of addressing head-on the persistence of racism, white supremacy, and implicit racial bias in our country. It will bring together the best minds to study the issue and propose solutions that will finally begin to right the economic scales of past harms and make sure we are a country where all dignity and humanity is affirmed.”

    I agree wholeheartedly with Senator Booker that we need to look at ways to repair the damage done to communities by racial bias and the unintended consequences of policies that have exacerbated the problems. I humbly propose a few ideas for his group to study. I hope all Libertarians will join me in this effort to make reparations. After all, we can point directly to our government for the major institutional racial bias and bigotry that is rampant in our society through many of our institutions and industries that are heavily regulated by our government.

    1)   Immediately stop this drug war that overwhelmingly targets and abuses and financially destroys the lives of peaceful people in our lower income and minority communities through cash bail, asset forfeiture, loss of voting and gun ownership rights, criminal records that make job hunting difficult, as well as the pressures put on those in the family that must survive while a family member is in jail. There is no justice in a system that allows celebrity and white privilege to avoid this war while the poor and minority communities get ground down. Another aspect to look at is how most cannabis companies are friends of politicians and overwhelmingly white people own them. To jail some people, and then allow others to actually make huge profits for the same act is not equality. This is the easiest “repair” to make. Do it now.

    2)   Commercial opportunities are few and far between in our black communities. There are older buildings with dirt lots surrounding them. Whole blocks without stores and typical businesses that would line the streets of a neighborhood. A perfect example in Las Vegas is near the Walker African American Museum (Some VERY interesting items of black history in Las Vegas. 705 W Van Buren Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89106 see Gwen). There are dirt lots up and down the street. When we make it near impossible to get loans/credit in the community, when the local government makes zoning and permitting difficult, when we make hair braiding licenses in Nevada harder to get than a police badge (yes...more hours to get a hair braiding license), why are we surprised when these communities are lacking local businesses and opportunities? To add insult to injury, for those businesses that do get off the ground, they must compete with Amazon and other huge corporate entities who are subsidized by local, state and federal governments. How is a small business going to compete with a larger competitor that doesn’t have to pay property taxes, or has other government tax and subsidy benefits? Repair this by allowing communities to expand their commercial activity through deregulation and free and fair markets.  

    3)   Repair our schools. In Nevada, we have the worst schools in the country. Full stop. We are last. I am not speaking hyperbolically. I told the Clark County School board last year, “You are the Cleveland Browns of Public Education” (Cleveland was 0-16 that year)...but I followed it with “however, the Cleveland Browns failed with less than half the budget of Clark County Schools administrators.” Every politician says our schools are important. Liars. Every single politician that screams about how important the schools are, and promises to do every bit of digging and begging and fighting to get more money for teachers are outright, no question about it, liars. Pants on fire...liar liar liar. How do I know this? In Clark County, there is no politician who has yet to address the 5000 non-teaching administrators who make 6 figure salaries with benefits and lifetime pensions. 5000 WHO MAKE OVER 6 FIGURES. There are IT Managers, CCSD “Police,” assistant principals and many others making 100k, 200k, 250k...and more. In fact, one CCSD Security Guard made 40k in OVERTIME last year and cleared $150k total. Teachers start about 40k, and a policeman made that in overtime on the Administrative level. IF you are going to make reparations, please consider our schools a priority, and don’t punish the teachers, parents, and students anymore. 5000 administrators who administer the worst schools in the country DESERVE to pay their fair share. If they don’t like it, promote some teachers to $99k/year. They will appreciate the raise and do a better job. Then use the money you save to hire more teachers for higher salaries. Win/win.

    I hope these three areas are good places to start. We can discuss the racket of insurance and pharmaceutical company corruption and government protections of their market shares through tariffs, subsidies, and outright government mandates/bans. There are so many instances where politicians are saying one thing, and yet their actions defy their words. It is time to stop telling me how important equality, opportunity, and fairness is; and start to show me.

  • LP in the News (4/14/2019)

    Posted by · April 13, 2019 9:23 PM


    We have fresh news and lots of inter-party political fighting happening across America, from local politics to state and federal races, to the 2020 presidential race!

    Let's start with some news from our own backyard here in Nevada. From Las Vegas, the Epoch Times wrote an article about Wayne Allyn Root's new book, Trump Rules. They were nice enough to mention the Libertarian Party, since Root is a former LP candidate. However, we want to make it clear that Root left the LP years ago to rejoin the GOP, and that we in the LP are NOT fans of Donald Trump or his disregard for the Constitution; not the ban on bumpstocks, nor the lack of disclosure on foreign civilian casualties in our wars, and certainly not a phony state of emergency to pay for a useless Berlin-style border wall.

    KARK (NBC News Arkansas) reports that the Arkansas LP is suing the [Republican-controlled] state government over a new petition law that requires the LP to almost triple its petition signatures from 10,000 to over 26,000. 

    "We told our legislators that they were re-establishing a standard that had been overturned in federal court back in 2006, but they passed it anyway," says Michael Pakko, the chair of the state party. "We have clear precedent on our side." Pakko also said, "As if to add insult to injury, they made it even more difficult by moving the deadlines. Prospective challengers to the established incumbents shouldn’t have to form parties and select candidates over a year before the general election."

    On that same subject, many thanks to the Arkansas Times for re-publishing LP Arkansas' press release denouncing this move by the state government's two-party duopoly. We say two-party duopoly, but it's always been almost exclusively the GOP that goes out of its way to make our lives difficult.

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  • Henry Thorns feeds the people

    Posted by · April 01, 2019 8:51 AM


    Las Vegas' native son Henry Thorns was grilling up a storm last Friday. Posted in a super market parking lot in the north-central part of Las Vegas, the "historic West Side", Mr. Thorns had a very simple objective: feed the people.

    And that's exactly what he did!

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  • Even More LP in the News! (3/21/19)

    Posted by · March 21, 2019 4:26 PM


    From Reno to Baltimore, there's way too much juicy news (and political drama) surrounding the Libertarian Party that we couldn't possibly fit it all into today's edition of LP in the News. That's why we have Even More LP in the News for you!

    The Nevada Independent reports that 16 people in northern Nevada have applied to replace Sparks-area Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle after he resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment. One of those 16 is LP Nevada's own Wendy Stolyarov! We certainly wish her the best of luck in the selection process.

    Ballot Access News reports that in neighboring Arizona, the LP sent a letter to a panel of three judges who heard the LP's election complaint on March 12, to clarify some details that were obscured during the testimony hearing.

    For those who forgot, in a move worthy of Nicolas Maduro, the Arizona Republican Party sued the LP on a bogus claim that their candidate petition signatures weren't valid. The state government hastily agreed with the plaintiffs, and the entire LP slate was kicked off the ballot for the 2018 midterm election (Lines v. McCormick). They did this to guarantee a Republican victory in the US Senate race... which they still lost. Jonathan Lines may no longer be the AZ GOP chairman, but he's dreaming if he thinks he's off the hook for undermining the republican democracy that American soldiers have killed and died to protect. Because of this, the entire LP is perfectly committed to helping karma bite Lines in the backside at the worst possible moment for his party and for him.

    Sad news came out of Colorado several weeks ago with the untimely passing of Boulder County LP Chairman Ralph Shnelvar. Mario Enrico wrote a beautiful obituary for Ralph which appeared in Think Liberty.

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  • LP in the News (3/21/19)

    Posted by · March 20, 2019 4:49 PM


    The Libertarian Party has been making the news again! From Las Vegas to Atlanta, people are talking about our party and our activists. First, the State of Nevada recently assaulted the First Amendment when one of our own tried to defend it. An excellent article appeared this week in the Nevada Independent titled "In the county that claims Mark Twain, an irreverent online publisher faces off with a powerful developer over who is a journalist." It talks about LP Nevada's Sam Toll and his refusal as a citizen journalist to reveal his confidential sources to the government, and the government's desire to kill free speech and the right to privacy.

    On the same topic, the Las Vegas Tribune says, "There is no such thing as a credentialed or card-carrying journalist. Unlike too many jobs in Nevada and the U.S. there is no government licensing of journalists. If you talk to two people you are a gossip. If you talk to three you are a journalist. But a Carson City judge apparently thinks the Nevada press shield law created the concept of a licensed journalist." In other words, the Nevada state courts officially believe in licenses to practice the First Amendment. 

    LP Nevada was heavily involved in promoting a rally to end cash bail that was held Monday in front of the Clark County Court. “I think about the people who can’t get out of jail because they don’t have $450,” says activist Brandon Summers. “The inherent inequality in the criminal justice system should not exist, but it does. Those with money and resources can skate by, while those without will suffer. And that needs to change." Many thanks to the Las Vegas Review Journal and the Nevada Current for covering the rally!

    Then, of course, there are updates to the circus that's the Libertarian Party 2020 presidential primary races!

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  • LP in the News (3/7/19)

    Posted by · March 07, 2019 6:26 PM


    The Libertarian Party has been making the news again! LP Nevada was mentioned when both KTNV 13 (ABC News Las Vegas) and the Las Vegas Sun both ran articles about the Democrats coming out ahead of the GOP in Nevada's recent elections. We're no fans of the Democrats by any means, but this Democrat-controlled state government will have to work hard to top the Republicans in historic tax hikes. So by all means, let the Nevada GOP choke on its own karma.

    In neighboring California, Libertarian Supervisor of Riverside County Jeff Hewitt is taking a leadership role in the new county committees assessing "the good and the bad" of local marijuana regulations. According to a Patch news article, Hewitt has previously shared the concerns of cannabis advocates about the cannabis licensing approval process. Right off the bat, electing Hewitt to county-level office might be one of the best things for humanity the LP has ever done.

    Then, there's the ongoing circus called the 2020 presidential primaries!

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  • Legislative Roundup for the Week of March 3rd, 2019

    Posted by · March 03, 2019 3:17 PM

    Legislative Roundup #2 March 3rd, 2019

    Greetings from Gold Hill. This week I finally felt like I was able to get my feet under me as I went to the Capital. I went to several hearings to testify for and against bills wending their way through the Legislative process and met with several Assembly members and Senators surrounding several bills.

    As of today, there are 526 bills up for consideration. Some of them are good, some are bad, and some are ugly. I am working with the Nelis software to navigate the bills that require the scrutiny of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

    There were three bills that I testified on this week.

    AB 165 – Death with Dignity

    On Monday I testified at the Health and Human Services hearing on AB165. This bill deals with enacting a law that would allow a person to receive a prescription that they would administer to end their life in the face of a terminal illness where they have 6 months or less to live.

    Many people at the end of their lives are given morphine which acts as respiration inhibitor, while others are taken off life support and allowed to starve or dehydrate to death. This bill provides a compassionate way for a terminally ill patient to end their pain and suffering by their own hand. It contains the proper safeguards to prevent a greedy relative to influence the decision and requires the patient to administer the drugs by their own hand.

    We support this bill because it speaks to the concept of self-ownership. We feel that we should be able to chart our own course throughout life and with this grave decision as we face the end of our journey.

    Feel free to reach out to the members of the committee hearing this bill and tell them how you feel: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


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  • It's legal everywhere in Nevada except Las Vegas

    Posted by · February 27, 2019 7:08 PM


    The Libertarian Party made national headlines a few days ago relating to the Robert Kraft prostitution scandal. Once the news broke about how the Patriots owner was arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts publicly responded by condemning the arrest on the grounds that sex work and being a client of sex work should not be a crime.

    According to the Metro West Daily News, LP Massachusetts state chair Jeff Lyons said, “The Libertarian Party has always asserted that consenting adults should be able to exchange whatever goods and services they wish, so long as both parties willingly agree to the terms. It should be pointed out that had Robert Kraft been in Nevada, this would have been a legal activity.”

    That's almost true.

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  • LP in the News (2/21/2019)

    Posted by · February 20, 2019 11:15 PM


    Inside and outside of elections, Libertarians are making the news across Nevada and the US!

    One of our hometown heroes, Robert "Vegas Don" Strawder was recognized by KTNV 13 (ABC News Las Vegas) for putting together and hosting the Inaugural Vegas Teen Choice Talent Showcase, a talent show for at-risk teens to experience validation for using their energies creatively and productively.

    KTNV's Cinthia Maldonado writes, "The... Showcase did more than recognize talent in Las Vegas. It reminded at-risk teens they can overcome any barrier regardless of where they come from." When interviewed, Strawder commented, "I know a lot of kids out there don't have a father figure, don't have the right parenting system. I’m just giving them an outlet to showcase their talents and make them believe themselves. Believing is the hard battle."

    Up in Northern Nevada, our party Vice Chairman David Colborne proved in the Nevada Independent that he's dedicated enough--and crazy enough--to read all the Assembly bills in Nevada. It's actually a big deal to have Libertarians staying on top of the bills and who are close enough to the stat capital to holler at the legislators, and it does make a difference.

    Now, let's get to what everyone really wants to read about: the 2020 presidential election!


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  • Presidente del partido: la intervención de EEUU no curará la enfermedad socialista de Venezuela

    Posted by · February 20, 2019 1:13 AM


    Traducido de un comunicado de prensa del Partido Libertario nacional

    En un discurso en Miami el 18 de febrero, el presidente Donald Trump abordó la crisis humanitaria en curso en Venezuela. Señaló correctamente que el pueblo de Venezuela está afligido por la enfermedad del socialismo tiránico, una enfermedad sociopolítica introducida por el fallecido presidente Hugo Chávez y ahora incubada por el presidente Nicolás Maduro. A pesar de tener el diagnóstico correcto, Trump no entiende la cura cuando sugiere que "todas las opciones están sobre la mesa" para una posible intervención de EEUU.

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  • Legislative Roundup for the Week of February 15th

    Posted by · February 17, 2019 6:02 PM

    Greetings and welcome to the first Libertarian Party of Nevada’s Legislative Roundup.

    Our Legislative Director Wendy Stolyarov introduced me last week and I am filing my first report from the field. Last year Wendy sent comprehensive weekly updates from Carson City and I look forward to providing you with updates that summarize the weekly events of the Legislature as they relate to Libertarian perspectives.

    From a Libertarian perspective, Nevada has perhaps the best Legislative structure. Unlike many states, Nevada meets every other year for 120 days to consider legislation. This means that they really have to work hard and fast to impose laws that may reduce our ability to live freely.

    Compared to our neighbor to the west where over 1115 bills have been proposed since January 1, 2019, this year Nevada’s Senate has 169 bills under consideration while the Assembly has 171. All the Bill Draft Resolutions have been submitted, so it’s unlikely we will see others added to the list. In 2017-2018, California introduced 5617 bills and passed 2552(!) of them into law.


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  • Even More LP in the News! (2/13/19)

    Posted by · February 13, 2019 5:01 PM


    The Libertarian Party has been making major headlines in the last two weeks. In today's edition of 'LP in the News!' there were too many stories to include in one article, but they're still stories we can't pass up on sharing!

    First, Bloomberg talked extensively about libertarianism and the LP in "Seven Fixes for American Capitalism." Peter Coy et al. write, "Devotees of small government were stirred by candidate Trump’s vow to “drain the swamp” and pull U.S. troops out of foreign quagmires. But President Trump, with his tariffs and deficits, has proved to be “the opposite of a libertarian,” the Libertarian Party declared in March. Still, the free-market purists aren’t giving up the fight."

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  • Partido Libertario en las noticias (13/2/2019)

    Posted by · February 13, 2019 1:21 PM


    Los medios de comunicación en español no han sido amables con la marca libertaria recientemente, pero eso es nuestra culpa. Nosotros, los libertarios norteamericanos, hasta ahora, no hemos llegado a los hispanohablantes. Este es un intento de hacerlo y de responder preguntas sobre nosotros en las noticias.

    Primero, La Vanguardia describió incorrectamente al secuaz de Trump, Roger Stone, como un libertario. Su apoyo a Trump y al muro traicionan el nacionalismo xenófobo a través del cual los conservadores norteamericanos están dispuestos a detener el libre flujo de trabajadores y, por lo tanto, dañar la economía.

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  • LP in the News (2/13/19)

    Posted by · February 13, 2019 11:40 AM


    The Libertarian Party made headlines around the country with their efforts to clean up America's National Parks during the partial government shutdown. The Libertarian Party of Nevada's cleanup of one of Lake Mead's south shores was covered by CBS 8 (a.k.a. Las Vegas Now). North Carolina's Libertarians and their cleanup effort was covered by Spectrum News.

    Sadly, Tennessee's Libertarian volunteers were approached by unpaid park rangers with Stockholm Syndrome and asked to stop cleaning Shiloh National Military Park, the site of the major Civil War battle.

    "Every other effort to clean up the national parks, from Washington, D.C., to Yosemite, has been fine," Tennessee Delta Region Libertarian Party Co-Leader Victoria Lee said to the Jackson Sun. "But when we went to Shiloh, we were told we were not allowed to clean up the park."

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  • Key Facts on Nevada’s Spending Problems

    Posted by · January 23, 2019 11:06 AM

    Key Facts on Nevada’s Spending Problems

    This is the first of a series of columns summarizing my Controller’s Annual Report (CAR) for fiscal year 2018 (FY18).  Based on the state’s official books and records, the CAR provides Nevada citizens, officials and others a summary of key facts, data, analysis and issues addressing Nevada’s fiscal condition and policy challenges.
    Here’s the bottom line: Over the last dozen years, state spending has grown faster than Nevada’s economy, thus imposing an ever larger real burden on Nevada families and businesses, whose real incomes declined over that time.
    Rapid increases in spending on health and social services (HSS) and K-12 education are driving state spending growth.  HSS and education (K12 and higher) grew to comprise 79 percent of total state spending of $12.827 billion in FY18, while all other state spending in total declined significantly in real terms.

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  • LP in the news (1/11/19)

    Posted by · January 11, 2019 10:20 AM


    The Hanford Sentinel gave a shout-out to the Libertarian Party's volunteer efforts to clean up unstaffed national parks during the federal government shutdown. Kalish Morrow, chair of Libertarian Party of Kings County, said that "since the government shutdown began on Dec. 22, some Libertarian groups around the nation that have volunteered to help pitch in with cleaning up, such as around the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and Lake Mead in Nevada." (Kryssi Wichers and the LP Ohio crew were covered by ABC 6 Columbus for cleaning up Hopewell National Park.) 

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  • Resolución contra la dictadura de Nicolás Maduro y en apoyo del Movimiento Libertario de Venezuela

    Posted by · January 10, 2019 11:58 PM

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  • Resolution against the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro and in support of Venezuela’s Libertarian Movement

    Posted by · January 10, 2019 11:50 PM


    LAS VEGAS (Jan 11, 2019) - Last night the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada voted to pass the following resolution:

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  • Let's Shut The Government Down Forever

    Posted by · December 15, 2018 11:12 AM

    In a laughably sad display of sophomoric behavior, President Trump, Vice President Pence, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi met in the White House earlier this week to play politics in front of the press. In a flurry of interruptions and one-upman/womanship, they managed to embarrass themselves and the nation. You can watch it (if you can stomach it) here.

    The topic of conversation boiled down to President Trump threatening to shut down the government if he doesn’t get Democrats to pay for the wall he thinks the American people want. Speaker of the House Pelosi and President Trump sniped back and forth about funding the wall and owning the pending shutdown. Vice President Mike “Stuffed Doll” Pence watched intently but remained otherwise irrelevant, as is customary.


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  • Insurgente miliciano Ammon Bundy apoya caravana de refugiados

    Posted by · December 11, 2018 6:33 PM


    Al fin de la última semana, publicaron el anuncio del insurgente miliciano Ammon Bundy apoyando a los refugioados hondureños de la caravana muy fuerte debatida. Ammon Bundy es un miliciano insurgente y ex-alzado que se ha afrentado a la policia federal militarizada en dos ocasiones, rebelando en contra del robo gobernal de tierras privadas y asalto de los derechos de rancheros.

    La primera vez afrentó a los federales en la Nevada cuando empezaron a ocupar tierras de los Bundy y confiscando cuyas vacas. La segunda vez, dirigió una ocupación de tierras conservatorias federales en Oregon en manifestación contra la encarcelación de rancheros oregüenses. Esta vez, tiene algo sorprendiente que decir.

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  • Médicos de izquierda en una caza de brujas para arruinar la carrera de un médico libertario

    Posted by · December 11, 2018 5:38 PM


    ¿Qué harías si la gente iniciara una campaña para despedirte de tu trabajo? ¿Qué harías si intentaran quitarte la licencia estatal para que nunca pudieras volver a trabajar en esa carrera? Durante los últimos tres días, el Dr. Kyle Varner ha estado siendo atacado por los progresistas que están tratando de hacer precisamente eso.

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  • Left-wing doctors on a witch hunt to ruin Libertarian doctor's career

    Posted by · December 09, 2018 11:18 AM


    What would you do if people started a campaign to get you fired from your job? What would you do if they tried to take away your state license so you could never even work in that career again? Over the last three days, Dr. Kyle Varner has been under attack by progressives who are trying to do just that.

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  • Lecciones de los fracasos del liderazgo de Ron Paul

    Posted by · December 02, 2018 3:25 PM


    En Star Wars: Los últimos Jedi, el fantasma de Yoda le dice al anciano Luke Skywalker que los propios fracasos son la mejor lección que un maestro puede transmitir a un estudiante. Estoy completamente de acuerdo con esa lección.

    Nunca me senté a tomar un café y tener una discusión honesta con el libertario legendario, el congresista Ron Paul, pero fui un voluntario con un rango y deberes en la campaña, e hice muchos esfuerzos por él en varios estados. Durante todo el tiempo, mantuve mis ojos y oídos abiertos durante años para poder transmitir estas lecciones.

    Nada de lo que voy a decir es un rechazo o una condena del Dr. Paul. Escribo estas críticas para que podamos aprender, mejorar y nunca dejar que estos errores frenen de nuevo el movimiento libertario.

    Nada puede subestimar mi admiración por el Dr. Paul, el hombre, su trabajo y su mensaje. Déjame ser el primero en argumentar que el mundo es inequívocamente un lugar mejor debido al trabajo que ha realizado. Dicho esto, creo que sus propios fracasos de liderazgo son, en última instancia, lo que dificultó sus posibilidades de ser Presidente de los Estados Unidos. Los mismos problemas también socavaron al resto de nosotros. Si las personas se sorprenden o se avergüenzan de leer esto, entonces han sido víctimas de sus propias ilusiones ideales de los héroes que ven en la televisión. Recuerda, los seres humanos son falibles.

    Ahora aquí está lo que hizo mal.


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  • High Walls and Wide Open Gates

    Posted by · December 02, 2018 2:15 PM

    Immigrant at the Mexico/US Border

    Within the construct of "Open Borders", Libertarians hold a variety of positions. My personal interpretation includes high walls and wide open gates (don't take the walls literally). I believe we should control our borders for legitimate dangers. I also believe we should welcome all well-intentioned people.

    On my recent travels to Hong Kong, I went through various gates to get to my destination. These included baggage checks, finger prints, and forehead temperature check to ensure I wasn't importing a nasty superbug from Macau to Lantau. But these inspections were not intended to keep me out. Rather, they were inspections to secure the safety of the citizens of Hong Kong against terrorists and viruses (a legitimate duty of governments).

    Overall, Hong Kong and Macau want to maximize visitors, and they certainly welcomed me. They see us as valuable contributors to their economies. They want to share their culture and enrich our lives with their traditions, art, food, and friendships. For tourists, they have high walls and wide open gates.


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  • Time for Federal Prohibition of Cannabis to End

    Posted by · November 29, 2018 9:01 AM

    Editors Note: While Ron Knecht is a Republican, he remains a friend of the LPN and holds dear many Libertarian Party principals. This article proves just that. Ron was recently defeated in the elections earlier this month and will be sorely missed.

    Time for Federal Prohibition of Cannabis to End

    Nevada Republicans suffered a significant setback in last month’s elections, despite good efforts, and we need to revisit some issues.  We won’t change our principles, but it’s time to square those principles with some changed facts on the ground.

    Let’s start with marijuana.

    Consistent with Republican “leave us alone” principles that oppose federal micromanagement of people’s lives, it’s time for the federal government to make cannabis legal and get out of the way of the states on such matters.

    The President and Republicans in congress should lead the way.

    The first action is simple: the federal government should reclassify cannabis.  It should not be a schedule one drug.  Let’s even go this far: completely decriminalize cannabis at the federal level.

    With Republicans running point on the issue.

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  • Libertarian Party in the News (Nov 23, 2018)

    Posted by · November 23, 2018 7:51 PM


    The midterm general election was already over two weeks ago, but Libertarians and the Libertarian Party have been making the news across the country! From Washington DC to Montana to sunny Las Vegas, people are either applauding us or blaming us for their embarrassing losses.

    LP Nevada's own David Colborne published an excellent op-ed in the Nevada Independent about LP Nevada's immediate and future plans. It's also worth noting that "...the Republican Party may become even more irrelevant in Nevada than it is in California," Colborne writes. "So what’s a Libertarian to do? Celebrate, of course. That’s right — celebrate." Every Republican loss is an opportunity for Libertarians to succeed and advance. The Democrats will likely raise taxes, but so what? The Democrats don't kick the LP off the ballot like the Republicans did in Arizona. Besides, Nevada Republicans are already responsible for the biggest tax increase in the history of the state, so the Democrats will have to work hard to be worse. 

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  • Unas palabras sobre Dennis Hof, proxeneta legal y 'Trump de Pahrump'

    Posted by · November 13, 2018 10:13 PM



    Nota del traductor: Dennis Hof alcanzó la fama como el protagonista de la programa de realidad de HBO, 'Catwalk' ('Cathouse' en EEUU) sobre la industria de los burdeles. En 2018 hizo campaña por un asiento en la asamblea estatal. Murió tres semanas antes de las elecciones generales, pero se robó los titulares internacionales cuando ganó su elección a pesar de estar muerto.

    Por: David Colborne

    Con el reciente fallecimiento de Dennis Hof, varios obituarios les recordaron a todos que dirigió una campaña fallida contra James Oscarson en 2016 como Libertario. Posteriormente, abandonó públicamente el Partido Libertario, se unió al Partido Republicano, corrió nuevamente contra Oscarson (esta vez en la primaria republicana) y ganó. Ahora, la Guía para votantes de 2018 recientemente publicada por el Partido Libertario de Nevada describe a Dennis Hof de esta manera:

    "Preferí a este candidato cuando no estaba tocando ante la multitud de “Trump" para ser elegido. La gente de Pahrump sabe lo que quiere, y merece hacerlo bien y con ganas".

    Entonces, ¿cómo pasó Dennis Hof de ser uno de los candidatos más exitosos que el Partido Libertario presentó en la boleta electoral en Nevada a obtener dos estrellas de las cinco como el ‘Trump de Pahrump’ republicano antes de que muriera? ¿Y qué pueden aprender de él los aspirantes a candidatos libertarios? ¿Y qué hizo Hof por Nevada mientras estaba vivo?

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  • The Three Funniest Moments from the 2018 Elections

    Posted by · November 09, 2018 12:10 PM


    Politics in America has become a circus and a spectacle sport. While we in the Libertarian Party are wholly committed to fighting against the two party duopoly--progressive special interests vs. conservative special interests--we still have to appreciate the hilarity of some of the things we witness. Sometimes the best way to cope with crazy is to laugh, and these three events definitely earned some good laughs. They're also reasons why we don't take the two parties' "leadership" seriously.

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  • Esperanza en lo que ganó el Partido Libertario en 2018

    Posted by · November 08, 2018 11:37 PM



    Algunos partidarios y simpatizantes del Partido Libertario están desanimados después de las elecciones intermedias en Estados Unidos. Yo no. Yo estoy caminando en el aire ahora mismo.

    El resultado más importante del martes es que la máquina de Trump ya no tiene mayoría en ambas cámaras del Congreso; los republicanos apenas ocuparon el Senado (51-49) y los demócratas tomaron la Cámara (223-197). El hecho de que ninguno de los dos partidos de programas de bienestar y de guerra sin fin controle el Congreso, ni pueda cumplir su agenda partidista, es la mayor victoria para la libertad humana. Ahora, hablemos del elefante en la sala: el desempeño del PL en esta elección.

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  • What the Libertarian Party gained in 2018

    Posted by · November 08, 2018 9:56 PM


    Some Libertarian Party members and supporters are disappointed after last night's midterm elections. I'm not. I'm walking on air right now.

    The single most important outcome from Tuesday night is that the Trump machine no longer has a majority in both houses of Congress; the Republicans barely held the Senate (51-49) and the Democrats took the House (223-197). The fact that neither of the two welfare/warfare parties controls Congress, nor can ram their partisan agenda through, is the single greatest win for human freedom. Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: the LP's performance in this election.

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  • Los libertarios ganan las carreras locales, logran el acceso a las boletas, prevalecen sobre las iniciativas

    Posted by · November 07, 2018 8:58 PM



    7 de noviembre 2018

    Las elecciones del 6 de noviembre trajeron varias victorias significativas para el Partido Libertario, incluyendo ganar carreras locales para cargos públicos en la Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota y Tennessee. Incluso en algunos estados sin un candidato ganador, los totales de votos libertarios fueron lo suficientemente altos como para asegurar el acceso a la boleta electoral del partido para futuras elecciones en Indiana, Massachusetts, Nueva York, Oklahoma, Wyoming y el Distrito de Columbia, lo que permitirá que los futuros candidatos se centren en sus campañas en lugar del costoso y minucioso proceso de calificación de la petición. Las iniciativas de boletas de inclinación libertaria también se aprobaron en varios estados, incluida la marihuana medicinal en Missouri y Utah y la marihuana recreativa en Michigan.

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  • Robert Strawder featured in 'Africa Informer'

    Posted by · November 04, 2018 1:31 PM


    Robert Strawder is the talk of the town in Las Vegas. Known as 'Vegas Don' in hip hop circles and celebrated for being a member of Digital Underground, Strawder is taking his message of freedom to the urban community. Just days ago, Robert Strawder was featured in Africa Informer magazine. The Libertarian Party of Nevada is thrilled that an LP candidate is being covered for his run for office, especially in a culture magazine that targets a demographic the LP has a tough time reaching.


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  • Koreans Declare Peace

    Posted by · October 04, 2018 11:12 AM

    Korean leaders Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in met last Friday and declared a historic peace compact between the two countries. While other attempts have been made in the past, this marks the best hope for peace in the Korean Peninsula in 65 years. 

    This is hopeful news for everyone around the world. One less place where nuclear war could erupt. 

    Despite the investment Americans have made in Korea, both in terms of lives lost and money spent, very little has been made of this effort in the Mainstream Media.

    Instead, we have been inundated with the Kavanaugh hearings which have devolved into a partisan inferno of vile attacks on both sides of the political duopoly aisle. 

    As a reformed liberal, I left the Democrat Party when they left me. Marching as a child against the Vietnam War, I took comfort in the notion that the Democrat Party was the party of peace. Weary of the endless war policies escalated during George W. Bush's administration, I welcomed the message that Barak Obama carried with him during his election campaign.

    I was furious when he doubled down on all the worst things about Bush's warmongering (drone strikes in particular) and walked back his promise to close Guantanamo.

    I became a Libertarian because the Libertarian Party has always been the Party of Peace. We have consistently called for the ending of overseas military operations and the closing of overseas bases. There is no reason for American troops to be in Japan or Germany as they have since the end of WWII. As Libertarians, we call for the closing of bases and the return of American troops from Korea as soon as we can.

    If you are against endless war for profit and our ever-growing global military presence while maintaining the most powerful defensive military in the world, consider joining us.

    Early voting is only 17 days away and the deadline to register to vote is upon us.

    Click here to register to vote online. I ask you to consider joining us, the party of peace, by registering or changing your party affiliation today.

    Together you and I can make this world a more peaceful place.

  • Robert 'Vegas Don' Strawder is The Man

    Posted by · September 17, 2018 12:17 PM


    Robert Strawder, known to thousands by his hip hop name 'Tha Vegas Don', quite simply is the man.  For starters, the hip hop artist and guerrilla filmmaker entered his indie film Checkmate to the Silver State Film Festival in Las Vegas, where he brought home the Audience Award for Best Feature Film.  Robert Strawder is also a member of the hip hop group Digital Underground, and squeezes performances in between making movies and music videos.


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  • Digital Underground's Shock G endorses Robert Strawder

    Posted by · August 20, 2018 12:33 PM

    Greg "Shock G" Jacobs, known for being the front man of Digital Underground and a co-producer of several Tupac hits, has endorsed Robert Strawder for U.S. Congress.  Robert "The Vegas Don" Strawder is also a hip hop artist and a fellow member of Digital Underground, and running for House of Representatives on the Libertarian ticket. 

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  • Julian Assange and the Future of the Free Press

    Posted by · July 30, 2018 3:45 PM

    Free Press
    I read a piece today on Julian Assange by the always thought-provoking Caitlin Johnstone and came to the conclusion (after following some of the links and thinking hard) that America and the Free World’s Free Press is in a fight for its very existence. The next conclusion I came to was the notion that the only ones who can save our free press are independent journalists.

    If you think I’m off my trolly, consider:

    • Donald Trump is fighting anyone in the press or Twittersphere who levels criticism at him or his presidency.
    • Democrats are fighting anyone who is against the FBI and the CIA.
    • Corporate America has transmorphed our Free Press into corporate mainstream media conglomerates who parrot the company line to protect the relationship between the government and the media’s corporate ownership. By being cheerleaders for the establishment they have burned their press cards and become public relations agencies.
    • Julian Assange is about to be kicked out of the Ecuadoran embassy and perp-walked to jail for “leaking” (reporting) things people in power don’t want you to know.

    If you think that any of these things are how it should be, they have won.

    Many people think Julian Assange is a child rapist and a criminal secret stealer/leaker. Those people would be wrong. The rape narrative is most assuredly a trumped charge foisted upon us by the system that wants him silenced. The system that insists that players in the journalism game play by the rules the system wrote to retain their stranglehold on the throats of the unwashed masses. Anyone paying close attention to Wikileaks knows it’s a clearing-house for information that someone doesn’t want published.

    Journalism Is Something Someone Doesn’t Want You To Read

    They want Assange silenced for the same reason Lance Gilman wants me silenced; when the people are conned into believing the folks in charge are our benevolent benefactors by the media, those folks in charge can wield power and make money unhindered to the benefit of few at the expense (and on the backs) of the many.

    Be it on a national scale or right here in “The Richest Place on Earth”, when the purveyors of information are in the pockets of the “establishment”, we as a society are doomed. When the people are told by information sources they consume that the folks in charge are our benevolent overseers, we are all in deep kimchi.

    The Times They Are A-Changin’

    In my lifetime I have watched our Free Press undergo such change and transformation that it is unrecognizable from its form a generation ago. Consider just the printed version of the news for a moment. When I opened the doors of The Electric Page in Sacramento in 1986, The Sacramento Bee, was a client located a few blocks away. A powerhouse of free ink founded by James McClatchy in 1857, The Bee had a vast reach and influence in Northern California.

    Purchased by Knight Ridder in 2006, The Bee is now part of a vast corporate media empire forced to morph itself something as weak as rooster soup. Caused in part by arrogance and in part by, the ink on paper pillar of the Fourth Estate is today a shadow of its former self. And the Bee is not alone.

    The Reno Gazette-Journal recently sold their presses and slenderized into a teeny printed broadsheet printed at the same Swift Media plant where the Carson Appeal is printed. The Carson Appeal announced this month that it would cut it’s print frequency from six days a week to just Wednesday and Saturday. Minden-Gardnerville’s Record-Courier and the Lahontan Tribune are getting slashed as well.

    Print papers all over the county are moving to the digital wasteland of the (don’t believe anything you read on the) internet.

    While this shift from print to online is happening like it or not, there is another more sinister change underfoot; the existence of a press that maintains a healthy adversarial relationship with the power structure. Without tough questions being asked of our County Leaders or our National Leaders, followed up by tougher ones when they avoid actual answers with babble-speak and mumbo-jumbo, real truth, and facts remain untold. When a pandering sycophantic collection of pathetic grovelers replace real journalists, the gig is up.

    Free Speech

    For the most part, the free press gig is already up.

    “Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love.” – Julian Assange

    One of my go-to information sources on Tesla was silenced just this week. As the manager of a billion dollar fund, The Montana Skeptic was a vast source of data and insight into the remarkable flimflammery that is Tesla. Maintaining anonymity, Montana was able to distribute insight on Tesla without revealing his identity. Elon Musk called his employer on Monday and on Tuesday Montana deleted his twitter account and vowed to stop writing on Seeking Alpha.

    When people like Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and Lance Gilman use their money, power, and influence to quash voices of dissent, we will continue to drift away from the ideals of governance that make The United States the best place to live in the entire planet. When they win, it’s game over, man.

    Lucky for us, the game’s not over just yet. As long as people have a chance to read stuff written by courageous keyboard operators, we have a chance. With fearless people like Glenn Greenwald, Nafeez Ahmed, Julia Angwin, Caitlin Johnstone, Julian Assange, and many others keeping it hot and keeping it real, we still have hope.

    While my name belongs nowhere near the aforementioned names, I will continue to keep it real in Gold Hill.

    Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!


    Sam Toll is the Communication Director for the Libertarian Party of Nevada

    He operates a hyperlocal news site in Gold Hill Nevada called The Storey Teller where this piece first appeared.

  • Missives From New Orleans

    Posted by · July 09, 2018 1:04 PM

    Libertarian Convention 2018


    From the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada

    Many of you were following the events of the convention online with facebook, emails, texts and other mediums.  Much of the behind the scenes activity and work were not able to be conveyed efficiently, and I won’t be able to regale you with all of it, but I want you to know what was going on by our state representatives, as well as those we had interactions with from other states.  There is much to be proud of, and this is going to be braggadocious and clearly one sided (mine). There is some benefit to sitting in the chair :)

    First off, as James Weeks knows, being a fat guy in a humid climate, clothes are sometimes optional and many times uncomfortable.  I will assure each of you, nobody got naked on stage, but I did have more changes of clothes than most of the “radicals” had costumes.  Most of mine had a collar, and all of them had pants. You can rest assured, our delegation was respectable and professional throughout.  I know this was a wild topic two years ago, and we can all be proud of the decorum showed throughout by most. I also would like to thank CSPAN for not showing up...just in case.  But next time, please trust us again.


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  • But What about Your Fiduciary Duty?

    Posted by · May 17, 2018 7:08 AM

    But What about Your Fiduciary Duty?

    When Ron was a Nevada higher education regent, his board met one time at Lake Tahoe for a retreat.  An interesting development there yielded an important insight.

    Public bodies occasionally hold such events, in which there are no business items on the agenda.  They do so to build relationships among board members, staff and some stakeholders, in this case faculty and staff in universities and colleges.  Usually, they’re held in bucolic or otherwise pleasant settings to promote congeniality.

    It all sounds very good: building bridges, esprit, morale, understanding – even solidarity.  Folks can share insight, air differences and come to see each other’s viewpoint in comfortable informal non-threatening give-and-take sessions.  Without any formal business to consider, they don’t have to keep minutes, record votes, etc. and can thus talk with candor, not restraint.

    Some sessions are led by a “facilitator”, generally a leader in the field from another town or state. Typically, they are provided by a professional association and trained in leading such groups.  Facilitators reflect the orthodox viewpoints of the association that provides them and thus of the stakeholders the associations represent.

    One Lake Tahoe session was led by a former state college president, a woman who had a long career in higher education, especially in administration.  The key moment came in a discussion when she suggested that regents (and other officials on governing boards) have a duty to line up behind a board decision once a vote is taken and not continue to press their dissenting views when they lose a vote.  Once a policy or other decision is determined, she said, everyone should get on board and sell it to the public.

    Ron disagreed.  He noted he had made rigorous arguments against the funding formula the board had adopted that was illogical and unfair to community colleges.  Because most regents were advocates for the two universities, no one had even tried to answer his arguments on the merits.  They had no answers for the correct points he raised.  Instead, they used the brute force of a self-interested majority to adopt the flawed formula.

    Ron said he would have no integrity in arguing for what had become the company line when he had made compelling arguments against it that had gone unanswered.  So, he would continue to make his points not because he represented a district with a community college, but because the position was right and in the broad public interest.

    Ultimately, the exasperated facilitator shrieked, “But what about your fiduciary duty?” It was a tyranny-of-words gambit intended to make the dissenter meekly shut up.  And the chancellor said it was time to move the discussion to the next topic.

    Ironically, the facilitator had asked exactly the right question, but Ron didn’t get to explain why her implication was wrong.  The ultimate issue was, indeed, an official’s fiduciary duty.  But the key question was: To whom is the fiduciary duty owed?  Many stakeholders – i.e., special interests – want public officials to represent them and advocate their interests.

    In their view, regents should carry the water for faculty, staff and students.  For K-12 and many other matters, this degenerates to: “Do it for the children!!”  Which really means for the adults.

    But however sweet that proposition might sound to so-called stakeholders, regents are the governing board of higher education, not advocates for those special interests.  Regents (and other public officials) are elected by voters to represent the people and the broad public interest, so their fiduciary duty is owed to the voters, taxpayers (who pay the bill) and public interest.

    Decades ago, the term “stakeholders” was invented as part of public choice theory to explain interest groups in politics and forces to which decision-makers respond.  Over time, special-interest advocates argued for selfish reasons that stakeholders should be treated on a par with the people, voters, taxpayers and broad public interest.

    That is the ultimate corruption of politics and governance because it’s how special interests prey upon the broad public interest.  And it is the bastardization of sound theory.

    All bodies, public and private, are vulnerable to such go-along-to-get-along non-logic, and many fall for it, especially in education, legislatures and big business.  That’s the problem, not the solution.

    Ron Knecht is Nevada Controller.  James Smack is Deputy Controller.

  • 2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidates

    Posted by · March 21, 2018 11:45 AM


    American politics is a circus. We're still 2 and a half years out from the 2020 general election, but LP Nevada brings you the early scoop on the 2020 Libertarian presidential candidates.

    The huge difference between Candidate Trump’s campaign promises and President Trump’s executive actions will be a blessing for America’s third largest political party. Libertarians, Democrats, countless independents, and a numberless minority of Never Trump Republicans already can’t wait to replace the President and his Cabinet of Breitbart correspondents. As of March 2018, these are the likely contenders for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President in 2020.

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  • John Calvin Coolidge Jr. - The Early Years

    Posted by · March 07, 2018 10:46 AM


    John Calvin Coolidge Jr., our 30th President, 1923-1929, was perhaps America’s most under-rated chief executive.  He was a man of few words, decisive action and a dry sense of humor.

    “Silent Cal” was born on the Fourth of July in 1872 in Vermont, the son of a prominent local farmer, general store owner, postmaster and politician.  He was the only president born on Independence Day, although three former presidents died on the Fourth.

    His father, John Sr., served as a justice of the peace and Vermont legislator.  His mother and only sibling both died by the time Coolidge was 15, but his father lived past 80.

    Coolidge moved to Massachusetts, where he spent his pre-presidential years, when he enrolled at Amherst College.  His early career was spent in the Pioneer Valley on the Connecticut River, apprenticing at a Northampton law firm to avoid the cost of law school.  His political activities began there too.

    Unlike today, the Republican Party was the dominant party in Massachusetts politics at that time.  Coolidge started his political career campaigning for Republican William McKinley for president in 1896, and caught the attention of the local Republican committee in the process.  Two years later, he was elected to the Northampton city council, and subsequently two terms as city solicitor (city attorney).

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  • Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) Shocks State Politics With Candidates for Governor, Congress

    Posted by · March 05, 2018 9:42 AM

    For immediate release…


    Las Vegas, Nevada (Monday, March 5, 2018) - On March 3rd, 2018, at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) nominated candidates for partisan public office. These candidates include Jared Lord for Governor, Timothy Hagan for US Senate, Robert Strawder for CD1, Steven Brown for CD3, and Gregg Luckner for CD4.

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  • Higher Education, Political Correctness and Free Speech

    Posted by · February 23, 2018 7:00 AM

    Last August 9, law professors Amy Wax and Larry Alexander published an article, “Paying the Price for the Breakdown of the Country’s Bourgeois Culture,” in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    It began:

    “Too few Americans are qualified for the jobs available.  Male working-age labor-force participation is at Depression-era low.  Opioid abuse is widespread.  Homicidal violence plagues inner cities.  Almost half of all children are born out of wedlock, and even more are raised by single mothers.  Many college students lack basic skills, and high school students rank below those from two dozen other countries.”

    To most folks, that’s a straightforward a list of some ills now affecting American society.  In academe, it’s not politically correct and it may offend.

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  • Once Elected Officials Start Working Together – The Next Step

    Posted by · February 22, 2018 1:27 PM

    Another school shooting, more “thoughts and prayers”. These words are followed by more rhetoric, dogmatic talking points, and the same recommended “solutions”.

    Violence in our schools and neighborhoods is not the only issue suffering from this type of tired response. Immigration, taxes, medical care, affordable housing, transportation and infrastructure, are just a few more. Partisan rhetoric, the same talking points, and the same “solutions” are presented. Since the current election process rewards maintaining divisiveness, there are not real conversations on “solutions”.

    But are the “solutions” being presented, dogmatic and repetitive as they are, really solutions to the problem? No, they are merely band-aids addressing symptoms. Even if discussion takes place and remedies implemented, the issues never seem to go away, the remedies don’t last, and the problem “keeps on giving”.

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  • LP member Ron Johnson becomes WBC mandatory challenger after 2nd Round Knockout

    Posted by · February 19, 2018 4:10 PM


    Ron Johnson, boxing world champion and proud Libertarian, became the World Boxing Council's mandatory challenger after scoring an impressive 2nd Round Knockout on Saturday Night!

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  • The Raiders Stadium: a good lesson to teach millennials about public vs. private

    Posted by · January 30, 2018 12:00 PM


    By James Pesutich


    With so much misinformation floating out there, if Libertarians want to make a change in this country, we need to explain the public and private sector. We need to distinguish between pure capitalism and fiscal conservatism and cronyism and corruption. Many millennials have a negative perception – and I don’t blame them- about capitalism but what they are seeing, as former presidential candidate Ron Paul has said, is really corporatism and cronyism disguised as Capitalism.

    Capitalism allows individuals to trade freely with each other with peace and prosperity. In capitalism, you are rewarded for your efforts, but if you “steal’ or “subsidize” to get or keep your riches, you are rejecting capitalism and fiscal responsibility.

    No matter what, the rich get richer anyways. But let’s focus on the bottom level to receive the opportunity. Capitalism IS about opportunity. Of course, you have billionaires who hoard a lot of money instead of paying their “fair share.” However, if the money belongs to them, it is their decision where to put (or not put) their money.

    The Raider Stadium will look magnificent, I’m sure. However, it is a monument that will personify the confusion between public and private money. When I was young, I didn’t understand taxes and subsidies and welfare and everything else. I am not saying I totally understand it, but I have a much better understanding of the concepts.

    The public sector is tied to the government. The government collects money and it is put in the public treasure “chest.” The city is building a stadium for the Raiders. Well, where is the money coming from? If it is coming from private money and private individuals, fine. However, if it is coming from the taxpayers through an increase in vehicle registration fees or any other “vehicle” (excuse the pun) or any other deceitful tactic, then this is a problem.

    When I decided to become a teacher, I paid for my fingerprints, license fees, and tuition. And so did countless other teachers. We did not ask for public assistance and a for-profit organization really has no business asking.

    Yes, the stadium will bring in revenue and jobs. Fair enough. However, If I opened a business, I would bring in revenue and jobs, but I would still have to pay my fees, rent, etc.

    The private sector consists of small businesses and small and large corporations. Now as a taxpayer, I am proud to contribute to help pay for the military and other necessary government services and benefits. However, if I am helping the cost of a stadium where millionaires are going to play, I have a right to express my disdain. The fact that I watch and support sports is beside the point. Don’t invade our public treasure chest!

    We should rely solely on private money! If or when I decide to visit the stadium, I will pay for parking, food, and souvenirs. Believe me, it will be a good investment with private money.

    The millennials for the most part embrace socialism. Many young people feel powerless and frustrated and tend to gravitate towards an ideology that helps take away some from the powerful. Well, if and ONLY if this project is financed in the present or future from taxpayers in any form, this stadium is Socialism disguised as Capitalism. Whether the millennials like it or not, it is wrong!

    We need to separate the two. Now if you support Socialism, fine, but don’t force me to finance the dreams and projects of others, especially the financial “elite.”

    The Libertarian Party is the champion of a healthy balance of fiscal responsibility and freedom. It’s not that some of us do not want an NFL franchise team here, but don’t “raid” (pun intended this time) our public treasure chest with guilt, cronyism, and deception!

  • How deep will the partisan divide become before we say enough?

    Posted by · January 26, 2018 6:40 AM

    By Doug Goodman

    Are we witnessing the downfall of our society and oblivious to the fact? Over the past several years a new level of distrust, fear and outright hate has infected almost every aspect of our daily lives. This increasing tribal mentality is not based on racial differences, economic status, community location or age. It is founded on our political differences.

    What has caused this? I do not believe we woke up one morning and decided anyone with a different opinion is evil. Elected officials did not decide on their own that taking extreme positions and ending all collaboration was the key to re-election. The media did not force anyone to “buy” biased reporting. In other words, who knows what made it all come together. But it did.

    Polls have found that political party affiliation and the accompanying presumed opinions on issues influences who we keep as friends, how we treat our co-workers, whether we trust or respect our neighbors and our view of strangers. Partisan differences are the most divisive issue in our nation. The most recent Pew Research poll in December 2017 found 86 percent of those questioned believe there are very strong or strong conflicts between the political parties.

    To read the rest of the article on The Nevada Independent, click here.


    Doug Goodman is Founder and Executive Director of Nevadans for Election Reform.

  • PC Liberalism Has Lost Its Power

    Posted by · January 17, 2018 5:54 AM

    Recently, Stanford’s Shelby Steele, one of the truly great thinkers and writers of our age, wrote the article: “Black Protest Has Lost Its Power.”

    He noted the recent protests by black professional football players “were rather sad for their fruitlessness.”  Protestors “were figures of pathos, mindlessly loyal to a black identity that had run its course.”

    He explained: “What they missed is a simple truth that is both obvious and unutterable: The oppression of black people is over with.  This is politically incorrect news, but it is true nonetheless.  We blacks are, today, a free people.”

    He adds: “Of course this does not mean there is no racism left in American life.  Racism is endemic to the human condition, just as stupidity is.  We will always have to be on guard against it. But now it is recognized as a scourge, as the crowning immorality of our age and our history.”

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  • We All Win with the Federal Tax Cut and Reforms

    Posted by · January 10, 2018 8:59 AM


    Congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump have passed a landmark tax reduction and reform bill.  Democrats, mainstream media and other leftists are spreading misinformation about the effects.

    Let’s set the record straight.

    First, “The new law is larded with provisions custom-made for the rich and superrich while offering mere crumbs for the middle class.”  This version of a lie told by many comes from Democrat Alan Blinder, who also said, “it may be the most regressive” tax cut ever.

    Even the very liberal Tax Policy Center admitted that the vast majority of taxpayers will see a tax cut or no change from the new law, while some of the rich will face increases.


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  • Fake Patriots

    Posted by · January 09, 2018 8:31 AM

    26694163_2023518927933398_476921359_n.jpgWhen they were young, they didn’t serve in the military in war or peace, active duty or reserve. When there was a draft they avoided it, and when they had a chance to volunteer they stayed far away from any recruiting station. But when they’re older they have feelings of guilt and try to compensate for their lack of service by becoming a Super Patriot.

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  • The Libertarian Party of Nevada condemns U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    Posted by · January 04, 2018 4:22 PM


    The Libertarian Party of Nevada condemns U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s retraction of the Cole Memo. We refuse to condone the federal government’s desire to penalize victimless “crimes,” or otherwise sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt into Nevada’s newest industry.

    Secure link to official PDF.

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  • Where's the 'Progressive' outrage over government's failures

    Posted by · January 03, 2018 4:25 PM

    By Michael Schaus - Nevada Policy Research Institute

    Fifty-four years ago this month, President Lyndon B. Johnson announced the beginning of what would turn out to be America’s longest running war: the “War on Poverty.”

    “This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America,” boomed Johnson, basking in the applause the grand declaration guaranteed him during his State of the Union Address.

    That “war,” however, by its 50th anniversary had consumed more than $22 trillion in federal spending — while doing effectively nothing to lower the United States poverty rate.

    Yet what deserves mention on this anniversary of Johnson’s “progressive” crusade is not simply its failure to cure poverty. Just as noteworthy is the stunning silence from big-government advocates regarding the war’s utter failure.

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  • Happy New Year!

    Posted by · December 31, 2017 9:56 AM

    As we get ready to ring in 2018 and say goodbye to 2017, we want to reflect briefly on the history of the New Year celebration and amuse you with some fun historical facts.

    One of the most notable celebrations is that in Times Square in Manhattan.  This has been an annual event in New York since 1907.

    Nearly every television station will broadcast the “ball drop” in Times Square: A large, lighted crystal ball sliding down a 77-foot pole over the course of the last minute of the year.  When the ball reaches the bottom, it is the New Year.

    Hundreds of thousands of people make the trek to New York each year for this happening.  It is the signature event of the New Year’s Eve celebration in the United States, and it is broadcast throughout the country and the world.

    But how did this celebration originate?

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  • It's Not What You Believe that Matters. It's How You Believe It

    Posted by · December 28, 2017 9:38 AM

    By Robin Koerner
    This post was sent to us via his email list which can be found here
    The JSA is a national organization of high-school students, supported by adults in education. Inevitably, this means that it leans to the political Left. Indeed, when I began my speech, I asked by show of hands, how many people had had a negative reaction (anger, concern, unhappiness etc.) when Trump won the presidential election. Hundreds of hands went up. Then I asked for those who reacted positively to Trump’s election to put up their hands. The number of brave souls who raised their arms was in the single digits.
    There is a strain in Leftist politics today that believes that the “political other” (to many personified by Trump) tends to the “fascist” or tyrannical. This is why sales of George Orwell’s 1984 spiked after his election: progressive Americans wanted to see “what happens next” after a country begins its turn to the dark side. 
    My speech was about the nature of tyranny – and about Orwell. Specifically, I wanted my audience to understand exactly what it was Orwell had been telling us to watch out for – because it isn’t what most of the folks on the American left today think it is.
    Orwell knew – and even said as much in his famous book 1984 – that the real tyranny is not fascism but “orthodoxy”, which he defined as “not thinking, not needing to think”.

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  • The Season of Giving

    Posted by · December 27, 2017 4:00 PM

    Many joys come with Christmas and the holiday season.  Good food, the company of family and friends, observing the joy of children opening presents, good music and the anticipation of the new year to name just a few.

    A special aspect of the season for us is the spirit of giving.  We use this time to provide more help than usual for both folks less fortunate and for charitable organizations that do good works in our communities.  We know we are blessed to have the means to do so.

    Unfortunately, at least one vital organization in our community that relies on this time of year for most of its funding is not receiving as much as in past years.  That organization is the Salvation Army, which is assisted by organizations such as your local Kiwanis Clubs.

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  • Average middle-class Nevadan family to see $610 gain from tax reform

    Posted by · December 27, 2017 11:57 AM

    The just-passed tax reform bill lowers the tax rate for all income groups and is estimated to result in an average $610 annual savings for middle-income Nevada families, according to an analysis from the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

    One of the most powerful elements of the plan is the economic gains that will be achieved from its significant reduction in the corporate tax rate, with the Tax Foundation estimating that Nevada will see an additional 3,048 full-time jobs created as a result of the plan.

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  • Communism and Millennials, Progressives and Liberals

    Posted by · December 14, 2017 9:28 AM

    In the 100th anniversary of communism last month, three points stood out.
    First, polls say half of America’s millennials would rather live under socialism or communism than capitalism.
    Second, the reality of communism was, horrifically, exactly the opposite of the naïve view held by today’s young and by many people around the world in the last century.
    Third, the essential faults and failures of communism also characterize all government to some degree, especially democratic socialism, progressivism and statist liberalism.


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  • We’re No. 2, or 3 – But That’s Not Good

    Posted by · December 06, 2017 8:25 AM

    By Ron Knecht and James Smack – 5Dec.2017
    Nevada was hit hardest among the 50 states by the Great Recession of 2007-09 and was the slowest to recover.  It was the last state to see its total employment levels return to pre-recession figures – even though our population growth had already resumed.
    Since nearly everyone agrees that high employment is good, you’d think a public policy change that increases employment is something politicians would embrace.  From experience, we’re skeptical, but we offer here evidence for just such a change: reforming state occupation licensing laws.


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  • An open letter to the Las Vegas City Council and the Clark County Commissioners from the Libertarian Party of Nevada

    Posted by · December 03, 2017 12:23 PM


    As construction of the Las Vegas Raiders stadium is ramping up, the nation’s appetite for NFL football seems to be slowing down. Even before the recent dust-up between President Trump and a number of NFL players, NFL viewership has been gradually declining. These days, the descent (and dissent) is picking up with each passing week.

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  • The Real Results of ObamaCare and Medicaid Expansion

    Posted by · November 29, 2017 8:53 AM

    By Ron Knecht and James Smack – 28Nov17
    In 2013, Nevada expanded Medicaid eligibility, a move promoted by the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare) to improve health care to people allegedly then under-served by our health care systems.
    In return, the federal government fully funded Nevada’s increased costs through 2016.  However, the federal reimbursements slowly decline beginning this year.  With the over-spending problems faced by the federal government, there is serious question whether reimbursements will continue after 2020, and if so at what level.

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  • Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition

    Posted by · November 28, 2017 9:13 AM

    At long last, with the end of “net neutrality,” competition could soon come to the industry that delivers Internet services to you. You might be able to pick among a range of packages, some minimalist and some maximalist, depending on how you use the service. Or you could choose a package that charges based only on what you consume, rather than sharing fees with everyone else.


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  • Real Issues In Federal Tax Reform

    Posted by · November 08, 2017 9:57 AM

    By Ron Knecht and James Smack – 7November2017
    Republicans in the house of representatives have introduced their tax bill, and congress and the president intend to pass some version of tax reform promptly.  As folks consider the details and try to craft a package that will pass, let’s first remind ourselves what are the main principles, goals and problems facing tax reform.

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  • Ron Knecht’s Re-election Statement

    Posted by · October 29, 2017 11:08 AM

    By Ron Knecht, Nevada Controller – 25Oct.17
    In 2018, I’ll be running for re-election as Nevada Controller.  Why do I think I’ve earned your vote, and what will I do in a second term?
    In 2014 I ran as a “plain-speaking nerd,” with 40+ years of management and senior professional experience as an economist and financial, policy and technical analyst, half in public service and half in private business.  I noted that my law degree, Stanford masters degree in Engineering Economic Systems and California registration as a professional engineer are good assets.  And I’ve been a founder, director or executive for twelve private businesses, charities and public-interest groups, plus a college economics instructor.


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  • Home Issues Reforming Nevada’s burdensome licensing laws could boost employment 8.5 percent, study finds

    Posted by · October 27, 2017 9:59 AM

    By Robert Fellner, NPRI director of transparency research.

    Nevada‘s onerous and burdensome occupational licensing laws are suppressing jobs for low and moderate income professions at a near national-high rate, according to a just-released study.


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  • Billion dollar increase in Nevada's pension debt will reduce teacher pay, public services

    Posted by · October 19, 2017 3:36 PM

    Pension debt is going to take an even bigger chunk out of Nevada’s government budgets in the coming years, forcing cuts in spending that would otherwise go to schools, parks, road repair and public safety.

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  • Groundhog Day for the Gun Controllers

    Posted by · October 18, 2017 10:21 AM

    By Ron Knecht and James Smack – 10Oct.2017
    We were greatly saddened and angered by the October 1 attack launched by a terrorist from MGM’s Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on the Route 91 Harvest Festival 2017 music concert.

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  • Lack of transparency at Tax Department hinders commerce tax repeal debate

    Posted by · October 11, 2017 6:28 AM

    By Daniel Honchariw 

    When companies get too big to operate efficiently or competently, they go out of business — but in government, such failure actually protects the ever-growing bureaucracy.

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  • Knecht's Weekly Smack Down - Trump’s Regulatory Reforms Help the Economy, But Not Enough

    Posted by · October 07, 2017 9:24 AM

    By Ron Knecht and James Smack – 3Oct.2017
    Two recent news stories caught our attention, and they suggest some good news, but ...

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  • Las Vegas Tragedy Inspires Hope as the Community Comes Together

    Posted by · October 04, 2017 1:32 PM

    As we reflect on the tragedy in Las Vegas over the weekend, we at the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) are warmed and heartened by what we witnessed in the aftermath of this horrific event. In the face of terror and tragedy Nevadans and Americans come together to help those in times of despair and need.

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  • Homelessness in Our Cities

    Posted by · September 08, 2017 9:00 AM


    By Ron Knecht and James Smack

    Recently, James went to Portland, Oregon for a concert and to celebrate his 17th wedding anniversary with his lovely wife, Vicki.

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  • Who is Minding the Store?

    Posted by · September 06, 2017 9:00 AM


    By Ron Knecht and James Smack

    Lately, when we tune in or read national political news, it’s virtually the same stuff every day. If you’re watching a left-leaning outlet like CNN or MSNBC, or reading the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today or HuffPost, it’s almost all about either Russia or some leak from the White House.

    If you’re watching Fox, it’s almost always about how the deep state is undermining the Trump Administration or the corruption of the Obama Administration.

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  • Why the State of Emergency on Marijuana?

    Posted by · September 04, 2017 9:00 AM


    By Ron Knecht and James Smack

    Sometimes Nevada can be, well, uniquely Nevada.

    Perhaps this’s why, in this major fire season and after great amounts of snow and flooding from the melt, a state of emergency was declared. A state of emergency because recreational cannabis dispensaries are running out of weed!

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  • Warrick Dunn: An Athlete We Can All Look Up To

    Posted by · September 01, 2017 9:00 AM


    By Ron Knecht and James Smack

    Many of our readers have probably not heard of Warrick Dunn, former running back for Florida State University and the National Football League’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons.

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  • Happy New Year: The State’s Last-Minute Spending Frenzy

    Posted by · August 30, 2017 9:00 AM


    By Ron Knecht and James Smack

    On June 30 Nevada ended its 2017 fiscal year, and we observed yet again one of the more annoying problems in state government: the annual last-minute spending frenzy.

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  • Geoff Lawrence Moves On and Up

    Posted by · August 28, 2017 9:00 AM


    This post was originally submitted on June 27. We apologize for the delay.

    For now, this is the last regular column that will carry the Ron and Geoff byline. Geoff is leaving the Assistant Controller’s job July 1 for a new one.

    James Smack, the Deputy Controller, will join Ron in the weekly column beginning next week. Geoff will make guest appearances now and then, we anticipate.

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  • Federal Taxes: Lower Corporate Rates, Use AMT as a Lifeboat

    Posted by · August 25, 2017 10:16 AM


    As economists and public interest advocates, we’re very interested in the federal tax code and the various ways in which it creates, destroys or distorts economic incentives.

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  • Charlottesville and Liberty

    Posted by · August 21, 2017 7:25 AM


    Roughly a week ago, several white supremacists and members of the Alt-Right organized and attended the “Unite the Right” protest in Charlottesville. Three people were killed and several were injured by these protesters, who felt that a participation trophy erected by the grand-descendants of the losers of a war to defend the institution of slavery was worth assaulting and murdering for. During this event, the protestors started a “Blood and Soil” chant, which certain so-called “Libertarians” swear is not, in fact, a Nazi slogan and it’s “emotional hypochondria” to think it is.

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  • The Truly Renewable Energy

    Posted by · July 24, 2017 12:48 PM


    There is a great deal of recent controversy about the direction of the American energy industry. The sides of the debate are fossil fuels and renewable fuels. In the fossil fuels’ corner of the ring, you have round-the-clock reliability, high rates of production, and the support of thousands of American jobs. In the renewable fuels’ side of the ring, you have energy that doesn’t harm our atmosphere, is inexhaustible, and is readily available without having to use our military power to secure access to or from countries who dislike or despise us.

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