I Have Some Questions

There was a noteworthy commotion at a recent Clark County Commission meeting. As attendees chanted “Freedom of Speech! Freedom of Speech!” tensions escalated until venue security forcibly removed people from the meeting - and a violent altercation ensued. The video is available here.  One of those involved was in fact a candidate for office - Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Mack Miller.

This incident raises some serious questions.  How have we reached a point where one group of elected officials (with no demonstrable health expertise) uses its police power to forcibly remove a candidate for state office who wants to ask questions about that entity’s arbitrary health policy diktats? And the one raising those legitimate questions is not met with civility - just violence?  And during a public meeting where they claim to be doing “the people’s business” in one of their so-called “people’s house”?

Could it be that these entities have gained so much power and now control so much cash flow that they are fighting among themselves for the spoils?  And doing it all in plain sight?

As a contemporary political commentator likes to point out, government is a mafia masquerading as a human rights organization.  Have we reached the point  where political violence is breaking out BETWEEN factions of this mafia – IN PUBLIC?  Shouldn’t this scare the bejeezus out of all of us normal people?

And these government officials (with no demonstrable credentials other than the ability to win elections) are the same people claiming to be experts in every facet of modern life.  They have become our doctors, our lawyers, our censors, our “scientists”, and our babysitters.  Their education monopoly now only teaches “the one true faith” - much like in Galileo’s time.  These same people often horrifyingly claim they can legitimately do “everything and anything to help us” - again, despite ANY demonstrated policy expertise?

The Republicans and Democrats claim to have opposing political ideologies, yet they share the goal of everyone who wishes to lord over others– using all means necessary to ratchet up their power, which comes from their monopoly on violence and their ability to dispense huge sums of tax money to their cronies and donors.  This power is then used to claim the right to control major aspects of our lives.  The only way we normal people can stop this descent into madness is to demand the impossible – that the state shrink. We must find a way to reduce the corrupting power of government control in our society before we tear each other limb from limb over control of that monstrous power.

Both the Democrats and Republicans operate in the same corrupt ways - only their cronies are different. We cannot count on them to save us. (Crooks rarely abate their villainy voluntarily). Far too many of our “elites” are getting rich from the criminal organization that we were all taught to call “government”.

Since the last few decades have proven Democrats or Republicans are two sides of the same coin, and they are fomenting political violence with their diktats and propaganda, it appears salvation for the normal people can only come from the ballot box.  If you, like me, are dismayed by the increasing political violence we see all around us, please consider voting against the fomentors of that violence - namely the Republican/Democrat political machine.  Vote for a reduction in government power and arbitrary authority. Always ask questions. Vote Libertarian.