About the Libertarian Party of Nevada

The Libertarian Party is here to represent you! Membership in the state party is as simple as switching your registration and paying annual dues - but the real action takes place at the county level. We have county affiliates in Clark and Washoe. Join your local affiliate to connect with other Libertarians in your community and get involved!

Libertarian Party of Douglas County, Nevada

Chairman David Jones

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Libertarian Party of Washoe County, Nevada

Chairman Chris Orton

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Libertarian Party of Clark County, Nevada

Chairman Brandon Mills

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Curious about who we are and what we believe? Explore our philosophy and our policy positions to determine whether our values align with yours. Join our in-person events to meet us and talk about ideas. Help us to build a better world - starting here in our home state.

Our Governing Documents

The current party bylaws were adopted in convention on August 7, 2021. This document lays out our mission, our internal structure, and our procedures and processes. Learn how the party works:

Read Our Bylaws
The Executive Committee

Members of the Ex-Com are elected every two years to manage the business of running the party and supporting our candidates. Get to know our current team:

Meet Our Leadership
Prior Meeting Minutes

We believe in transparency. This is why the meeting minutes for all of our executive committee meetings are publicly available. Feel free to delve deep!

What is a Libertarian?

The libertarian framework is more than a simple collection of policy positions. As a political party, we are a big-tent and a welcoming home to people of all backgrounds - anyone who cherishes freedom and eschews the initiation of force is embraced by our community. As a distinct political philosophy, we proudly embrace an intellectual tradition spanning centuries.

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