Candidate Spotlight 2022 - Jesse Addison III

In today's Candidate Spotlight we're sharing with you the first of many 2022 Candidate Spotlights to come as election season is heating up. 

Meet Jesse Addison III, candidate for North Las Vegas Mayor. While this race is a nonpartisan race, Jesse is a Libertarian and proudly makes it known in his campaign.

Jesse is passionate about "Moving North Las Vegas Forward" by empowering businesses to operate freely, expanding school choice, and using non-government community-based solutions to assist the vulnerable in the community such as veterans, the homeless, and seniors.

As a Veteran of the US Navy he's no stranger to serving. He will work to reduce government wasteful spending in NLV, continue the city's growth without abatements and tax credits, and improve living conditions for all residents.

jesse addison III


Click here to view Jesse's campaign website.


The primary for the North Las Vegas race is on June 14th. That means we have to get his message in front of as many people in that city as possible in 9 weeks.

Your contribution could help us get in front of more voters and get a Libertarian elected in North Las Vegas. He also needs volunteers to doorknock, has yard signs available for those that live in NLV, and is looking for opportunities to speak. You can contact him directly on his campaign website linked above.

With your help we can elect Libertarian candidates across Nevada in 2022.


In Liberty,

Brandon Davis
Elections Committee Director

Libertarian Party of Nevada