The catch-22 of American self preservation by means of Imperialism: Afghanistan

The United States’ war on terror has been effective in at least two ways: radicalizing countless more insurgents (now willing to give their lives for God and country against their invaders from the west) and making the “money printer go brrr” - ie: pouring trillions of dollars into the military industrial complex. Have you ever wondered what that kind of money can buy? One answer: it can buy agreement between the right and left wings of the mainstream media outlets. Namely, the idea that “we have to keep these wars going or we’ll get more 9/11’s”.


The fundamentals were just not in place for anything to be solved with military power. When George Bush first went in there, he gave a militarily accomplishable mission: to damage the Taliban and disrupt Al-Qaeda’s ability to conduct international terrorism. Those were absolutely accomplished by March 2002, and in fact there was no more fighting from March 2002– really until the early part of 2004… Because we didn’t just defeat the Taliban we annihilated them. They were no longer an entity that existed in any form. So, that’s when we should have left. Instead, Bush changed the mission officially to a nation building mission… Some people had asked me yesterday: ‘If we had kept these 2500 (soldiers) in; if Biden had listened to the generals and not pulled them out, would we have been able to go on forever?’ And I think the answer is no, Because the Taliban for the last five years has been progressively taking territory and they’ve been setting the stage for (the) big offensive operation that they’re doing right now, they’re just accelerating it.

— Afghan war whistleblower, retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis The Scott Horton Show, Ep. 5575


The veil which shrouds the surreptitious propagandization of the unwitting public by our mainstream media is thinner than ever these days. The decision to pull our troops from Afghanistan has been the worst and most glaring display of this in recent memory (despite our collective digital attention-span resembling that of a goldfish). While the corporate channels are usually nakedly partisan, “news coverage” of war and peace adheres to a shared narrative. One promoted by power-hungry, money-hungry corporate behemoth: the bloodthirsty monster we know as “the military industrial complex.”


The US war on Afghanistan was not lost yesterday in Kabul. It was lost the moment it shifted from a limited mission to apprehend those who planned the attack on 9/11 to an exercise in regime change and nation-building… Immediately after the 9/11 attacks I proposed that we issue letters of marque and reprisal to bring those responsible to justice. But such a limited and targeted response to the attack was ridiculed at the time. How could the US war machine and all its allied profiteers make their billions if we didn’t put on a massive war?

- Former Texas congressman Ron Paul, Mises Institute August 16th, 2021


In this “land of the free”, I can only dream of the day when my family and I are not forced to fund these egregious attempts at homogenizing the world in the image of American democratic oppression of the minority class. I can only dream of the day when my country is no longer the world empire; a day when the red on our flag again represents hardiness and valor rather than the blood of the innocents slaughtered in its imperial crusade. I can only dream of the day when this empire crumbles to ashes, leaving in its footprint a sovereign and independent conglomerate of separate but united states. Until that time comes, I will dream of the day when democratic totalitarian imperialism burns to the ground. I will dream of the day when liberty and freedom reign; when we stand separate but united. I will dream of the day when I am again proud to be an American.



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