A New Education System proposal - by Ken Cavanaugh

A New Education System proposal - by Ken Cavanaugh

The all encompassing SOLUTION to our Education system (Overview only written here) - This is a complete overhaul of what we have today.

Take control of your OWN child's education directly, is the need today.
But how?
Get the government out of it, entirely. All taxes that support the schools shall be repealed. The parents, in order to HAVE that control, must own the education system themselves.
That will do it, but how will we have schools?
There is no need for 'schools' themselves. However, a place for the kids to be at with their peers is important. So, keep the schoolhouse, but not for teaching anything.

How will the children learn?
Computer courses. These exist and have been available for a long time. K-12 is covered with such learning tools. Available for purchase right now. Most of America has the technology to do this. A tablet would suffice.
Though the price is still somewhat high, that can be reduced by volume purchasing. Once it is, I predict that any course in the K-12 range could cost as low as game software does, around $40-50 per course, possibly even less with competition in course design.

Here is how this would work:
After closing the (unconstitutional) Dept of Education, there will longer be a standard High School Diploma (HSD). There really is no need for such. That was created for businesses, so that they can just see an HSD and know what the student (supposedly) has learned. Have them replace that easy method and tell them to create their own aptitude test for entry into their SPECIFIC employment. Hiring employees IS on them, and not the school system, right? Make it so.

Then get rid of ALL State and County and school boards relative to education. They are just dead weight costing us tax dollars needlessly (and now, we see the Teachers Union trying to be a lazy and otherwise harmful as they can be. They can be kicked to the curb). There are substantial tax savings in this measure. Mostly property taxes (renters pay that tax embedded in their monthly rent, so rent reductions would be in order, too).
Now, purchasing courses makes the parent the OWNER of that course. Thus, once bought, all younger children can use that same course, already purchased (receiving any updates as part of the ownership). Since not all current courses will be required anymore, the parent and child can focus on their STRENGTHS and POSSIBILITIES, instead of being taught useless or harmful subjects (CRT, Genderization, and the other highly objectionable teachings). All that crap can be sidestepped and avoided. Also, buy only those course you want your child to learn, since there would be no 'criteria' to pass High School anymore. Just get your child ready for being an adult is all one needs.

This idea ends all debate over our school system, and places full responsibility on the family. No more arguments about what to do, what not to do with the useless school boards, etc. Parents can also track a students progress (via a login to the tracking software), and the student can learn at their own pace, no longer tied to a teachers curriculum (I myself might have graduated, as in finished learning, at age 16 instead of 18, and on into the work force).
As for the social aspect of schools, they can remain for an additional fee, now called 'Learning Centers'. The 'school' bus is in that same category, fee based. At the Learning Center (school), children can still interact with other children for that social need. What USED to be 'teachers' are now classroom monitors (less pay, less training, etc, more savings on the Learning Facility fee) to ensure the kids are doing their work, and not trashing the place. Helping out with any issues with their (tablet) devices, if needed.

This is the overview. This can be done quickly, the moment we all demand it be so. Quickly as in immediately. We just need to force our legislatures to pass the law. Yes, force, as in public pressure, will be necessary to take power from the power mongers. Perhaps a voter initiative is the best route. Ripping out State Authority in their Constitutions may take a bit longer. That DOES require a voter initiative to accomplish.
Feel free to comment with questions, challenges, etc. Remember, this is just an overview.
Computer learning is inevitable. It is the direction our technology is taking us. So, why not jump on it now to get rid of all this arguing about the school system? It is only a matter of time when it goes this way.