BattleBorn Libertarians: Interview with Mike Maharrey

This week, Randy Sadac and Adam Haman sat down for a great conversation with Mike Maharrey of the 10th Amendment Center. You can listen to the discussion here.

As its name might suggest, the 10th Amendment Center focuses on helping state governments stand up to unconstitutional power-grabs and abuses emanating from Washington DC. America was designed to have a small Federal government, with most political power reserved for the states.

They help local activists craft legislation and organize efforts to reassert Federalism in America and help decentralize power to get us back to the states as the "laboratories of democracy" they were envisioned to be.

Some of the issues we discuss are gun rights, marijuana (and other drug) legalization, the Defend the Guard initiative, Yucca Mountain, denying the Feds local resources to enforce a host of things, and much more.

Mike also offers us Nevadans some timely advice about specific things we can do to resist Leviathan and make Nevada a much more free place.

Enjoy the show!