LP in the News (5/15/2019)


The last month has been busier than ever for Libertarians across America. And of course, America's Libertarians are making the news! From the red rocky deserts of Nevada to the bustling streets of New York City, local and national media outlets alike are picking up the buzz on what the Libertarians are doing. 

We'll start off with what everybody really wants to know about: the 2020 Libertarian presidential primaries. The Libertarian Republic and Being Libertarian both published updated guides on the various declared contenders for the Libertarian presidential nomination. Both guides list longtime libertarian Adam Kokesh and the comedian Vermin Supreme. (Above image: Daniel Behrman, Texas)

Both Kokesh and Supreme were mentioned in an Italian-language article from Sky 24, an Italian news station, about US third party presidential candidates. Vermin Supreme is the only Libertarian candidate named in a Madera Tribune op-ed on how there are too many presidential candidates, while The Gazette (based in Idaho) featured the LP's Daniel Behrman in an article on te 400+ presidential candidates across the U.S.

A conservative-leaning editorial in the Houston Chronicle talks about how Joe Biden needs Libertarian voters to challenge Trump--assuming Biden even wins the Democratic nomination. The Washington Post covered Governor Bill Weld, arguing that he can't beat Trump, but he's the only real way conservatives can dissent. Weld is a Lifetime Member of the Libertarian Party even though he's running against Trump in the 2020 Republican primaries. Frankly, this is a great strategy; it weakens and divides the GOP, it will turn some Republicans off of the GOP to vote Libertarian, and it also clears the playing field inside the LP for new blood to show their quality.

With Weld out of the Libertarian presidential primaries, Adam Kokesh is the best organized and longest-campaigning of the current crop of presidential contenders. He has a campaign team, a reserve of volunteers in nearly every state, and also has a solid 15 years of activism experience as a capital-L Libertarian. Kokesh wasn't in the news this time only because of his campaign; instead, Republican Rep. Chad Christensen, an ex-Nevada Assemblyman and current Idaho State Representative, was busted by the Post Register for plagiarizing whole paragraphs from Adam's 2008 essay "Duty to Resist." We're not surprised that this is coming from a Republican politician.

There are still only crickets coming from Congressman Justin Amash's corner, but Reason still keeps talking about the possibility of an Amash 2020 run. Now, let's get to the state and regional news!

Adam Kokesh, Arizona

Let's bring things back home before we start on the different regions of America. We at LP Nevada are proud of our vice chair David Colborne for another well-written op-ed in the Nevada Independent. This nugget of musing from one of Nevada's favorite free thinkers is "Burning Man, we need to talk", following on the heels of "How often should the legislature meet?". Then, LP Nevada's Zach Foster was interviewed by the very left-leaning Washington Babylon about Venezuela's Libertarians and the opposition.

Somebody got arrested in neighboring Arizona (no, it wasn't Adam Kokesh). It was actually an ex-volunteer who once was a part of Kokesh's "Not President" campaign (the exploratory committee) and an ex-member of the LP. The Phoenix New Times reports that a certain nameless Marijuana Snitch got jail time and probation for assaulting the family lawyer. Tisk tisk. The New Times originally reported this troubled young man as a Libertarian, until they corrected it to reflect that said Marijuana Snitch had left the LP and identifies as a Republican. (As we're told, the Snitch was demoted within the Kokesh for Not President campaign and his parting words were "I'm gonna make money putting up signs for Joe Arpaio!")

In New York, Mia Summerson of the Niagara Gazette did a great interview of ex-gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe and his work to keep growing the LP and spreading that message of human freedom. Kudos to Mia for mentioning that Sharpe's vote totals, although low, did win ballot access for the New York LP. 

Things are getting serious in Kentucky! The Louisville Courier Journal carried a story on John Hicks, a Vietnam Veteran and retired teacher who's running for Governor on the LP ticket. We're grateful to Mr. Hicks for representing our party and we're grateful to the folks at the Courier Journal for reminding Kentuckians that there's another political choice besides Pepsi and Coke! The San Francisco Chronicle reports that also in Kentucky, a federal judge blocked a section of a new state law that denied ballot access for LP candidates. This is a major victory for the LP; that judge might never have heard this case had the LP not raised so much hell.

Vicky Rose, Mississippi

Further south, Vicky Rose of LP Mississippi got several paragraphs in The Dispatch dedicated to her race against a Republican incumbent for Mississippi State House District 37. Also, at a recent city hearing on banning kratom products, she did an incredible job offering freedom, wellness, and personal responsibility as alternatives to the ban. See the video here!

There's a lot more news on Libertarian candidates and causes. Be sure to check the LP Nevada Blog for the companion series, Even More LP in the News!

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Images courtesy of The Gazette, the Star Telegram, and The Dispatch. Kokesh photo originally by Elle Imaging.