Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) Shocks State Politics With Candidates for Governor, Congress

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Las Vegas, Nevada (Monday, March 5, 2018) - On March 3rd, 2018, at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) nominated candidates for partisan public office. These candidates include Jared Lord for Governor, Timothy Hagan for US Senate, Robert Strawder for CD1, Steven Brown for CD3, and Gregg Luckner for CD4.

Local candidates also chosen at a recent county convention include Richard Bronstein for State Senate District 20, Ron Newsome for State Assembly District 17, Bruce James-Newman for State Assembly District 29, and Douglas Marsh for Clark County Commission G. Wendy Stolyarov also announced her intention to seek election to the Mayor of Sparks.

“We’re really excited about giving Nevadans an alternative to the broken two-party system this year” commented LPN Executive Committee Chairman Jason Smith. “This is what we’ve been building toward these past 14 months, where we gained over 1100 new registered voters! I know voters are ready for change with a failure like Trump in the White House.”

LPN Executive Director Alexander DiBenedetto added “With less than 42 voters to reach 1% total statewide voter registration, I know the LPN will have a much greater impact on elections this year; we plan to beat the spread in every election and give all Nevadans a chance to say ‘No!’ to the Republicans and Democrats.”


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Header Image description: Delegates at the LPN State Convention on Saturday, March 3rd. M Carling, the Convention Chair, addresses the delegates. For a higher resolution copy of this photo, please click here. For more convention photos, click here.

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