Libertarian Perspectives In The Media: Vaccine Mandates

As Libertarians, we reject the outrageous vaccine mandates pushed by the Biden Administration.  Self-ownership is the most fundamental truth of human existence and our highest value.  The right to decide what substances enter your body is one of the most basic applications of this principle. The recent executive orders from the president’s office seek to draft private companies into a war on our medical freedom, and are wildly unethical.

To be absolutely clear, this is different from a private company setting its own terms of employment. This is the government using the compliant businesses to force citizens into making the government’s preferred choice. The weekly testing option is a financially, logistically and physically burdensome fig-leaf, not a real alternative.  The entire point is to come after the unvaccinated, and to make it increasingly difficult to go without the jab.

It is bizarre that this level of pressure comes at a time when it is becoming increasingly clear that these vaccines do not prevent infection and spread.  They are “leaky” vaccines, not sterilizing vaccines - and as such there is no social benefit to vaccination. As they do not prevent spread, the only reason to get the shot is to protect yourself from symptoms. The argument that “I’m getting vaccinated to protect you” falls flat in the face of the evidence.

The Nevada Independent was kind enough to publish an Op-Ed I submitted on this topic - allowing us to present a libertarian perspective to their readers.  You can read the full article here on their website:

It is important that we continue to speak out and make a principled argument against these mandates.  If we fail to vocally oppose these incursions on our liberty, we contribute to a false sense of consensus in the media landscape. We are not alone in our objections. These mandates and orders from the government are NOT as popular as they would have you believe. Now is the time to speak up.