Libertarian Millennial Caucus Announces Official Launch and New Website


Libertarian Millennial Caucus Announces Official Launch and New Website

Influential leaders throughout the Libertarian Party team up and launch caucus to build a credible and viable national party to attract new members, donors and be an alternative for voters.

AUSTIN, TEXAS and LAS VEGAS, Nevada February 12, 2016– The Libertarian Millennial Caucus, a national caucus comprised of Libertarian leaders throughout the United States, announces it has officially launched and its new website is ready for people to start signing up.

The Libertarian Millennial Caucus (LMC) Core Values call for a fundamental change in the way we engage in the political process as Libertarians. LMC goals are to modernize technology, develop efficient business processes and organizational structure and dramatically improve the Party’s image through marketing and branding. Please visit to review the Statement of Purpose.

LMC Leadership is comprised of national and state leaders and elected officials spanning across 18 states and growing. Please visit to view the initial list of leaders.

“So many young people are excited about Libertarian ideals and want to work toward liberty, and yet the party of liberty has remained very much a party of old thinking and old approaches,” said Libertarian Party of Texas Chairman Kurt Hildebrand.  “We must give millennials a home within the party, but more importantly we must become the party of all-ages in the new millennium. Liberty is popular – and with the energy of young people and new ideas I am confident that the Libertarian Party can become the party of the future.”

“The goal of the LMC is to make the Libertarian Party more appealing so we can attract new members and earn the confidence of donors. We need to significantly change how we market and brand ourselves while being more professional in order to create a viable option for voters,” said Brett H. Pojunis, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

"The political process does not work when we don't show up,” said Libertarian National Committee member Kevin Ludlow. “The Millennial generation knows this and is unleashing a political power in this country that we haven't seen in decades. The LMC wants to let young people know that we're here, we're organized, and we're showing up to oust the establishment and make the Libertarian Party a serious organization."

The LMC is looking for Libertarians who are active in the party and want to enact change. The LMC is highly organized, well-funded, and action oriented. With your help, the Libertarian Party will see change this year. Please visit to join the LMC today!

LMC Membership Contacts:

Kevin Ludlow
Direct:  512.773.3968
[email protected]

Kurt Hildebrand
Direct:  512.279.7860
[email protected]

Brett H. Pojunis
Direct:  702.763.9301
[email protected]

Media + Press Contact

Jason Weinman
Direct:  702.763.9302
[email protected]


About The Libertarian Millennial Caucus

The Libertarian Millennial Caucus is a generational movement, but not restricted by age. The LMC invites libertarians of all ages to join their movement. Together they will build the party of the future; a Party of Principle, and a Party of Purpose. To learn more about the LMC, visit Please LIKE our Facebook page  


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