Want more Violence? Pass more Laws.


Cicero, one of the most influential philosophers during the age of Rome, famously stated that the more laws that are passed, the less one should expect to see justice manifest. Today's tragedy in California does nothing than solidify Cicero's warning to the modern Rome of the world centuries later. 

What is a law? We are taught from a very young age from authority figures ranging from our parents to government funded propagandists (i.e. teachers) that laws are one of the bedrocks of our modern society. Without the unfettered bureaucratic elements of Washington giddy at the chance to see another law signed to the books, we are frightened into believing that the society that exists around us would collapse into complete and utter chaos. Yet, with each passing day, the history of the U.S.S.A paints a much different picture. In the 1920s, our predecessors were led to believe that the consumption of alcohol was one of the greatest social and cultural sins of their time, and that forbidding it through the power of law would keep future generations safe. The end result of that delusion was the birth of the mobster, who ended up using the government's own plan of action against them by developing black markets that infused them with money and power. The drug war, another fine staple of Washington's plan to protect the children, has not only helped infuse the cartels the with more control, it has helped solidify America with the distinction of having more individuals in prison than any other country on the face of the planet, with many prisoners being locked up for simply wanting to experiment with their bodies (i.e. using an herb with numerous medical benefits). What we as a populace have habitually failed to understand is that the more we demand our leaders protect us from ourselves, the more violence we end up creating.

The deaths of fourteen lives in California this afternoon was a senseless tragedy, but it's even more senseless when you take into account how easily avoidable it could have been had we simply accepted that bad people don't care about morals. Thought it hasn't been confirmed by the media, it's easy to guess that the institution that was home to today's shooting was a gun-free zone. In case you're unaware, a gun-free zone is a magical sign that can somehow deter criminals away from buildings that house responsible citizens. We've already seen how well these signs have worked in the past with incidents such as Sandy Hook and Ft. Hood, so why people are acting shocked by today's events is beyond me. Yes. I know I'm using poor satire that's probably going to offend multiple readers, but at this point, what else can be done to wake people up? If you don't want evil people walking into schools and killing innocent children, stop demanding that guns be banned through laws, and start expressing your desire to see the 2nd amendment upheld. If you don't want to turn on the news to hear about another business that's fallen victim to gunmen like the one today, then either influence businessmen to hire armed security for their offices, or motivate employees to take firearm classes so they understand the importance of self-defense. Whatever the case, please stop believing that a politician can keep you safe by putting pen to paper. The need to have more laws in this country has led to further restrictions on our natural rights, and as Cicero pointed out so long ago, it is our unfettered desire to continue down such as road that will eventually lead to our collapse.