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Volume 2:

Issue 10 - October 2016

Issue 9 - September 2016

Issue 8 - August 2016

Issue 7 - July 2016

Issue 6 - June 2016

Issue 5 - May 2016

Issue 4 - April 2016

Issue 3 - March 2016

Issue 2 - February 2016

Issue 1 - January 2016

Volume 1:

Issue 1 - December 2015

Editorial Staff:

Editor-in-Chief - Patsy McFadden-Choat - [email protected]
Assistant Editor -
David Colborne
Assistant Editor - Brandan Covington
Creative + Graphics - Sarah Johnson

Senior Contributors:
Molly Battleborn
Zach Foster

Guest Contributors:
Daniel Honchariw (Nevada Policy Research Institute)
Drew Johnson (Taxpayer's Protection Alliance)
Geoffrey Lawrence (Nevada Assistant State Controller)
Michael Schaus (Nevada Policy Research Institute)
Ron Knecht (Nevada State Controller)
Ryan Porte (Veterans for Gary Johnson Coalition Chair)

Angela Refsland
Andrew Lea
Brandon Ellyson
Brett H. Pojunis
Candy Nickens Pratter
David Colborne
Erin Lale
James Pesutich, Jr.
Jamie Munks
Jason Smith
Jason Weinman
Jay Layman
John Moore, Nevada State Assemblyman District 8
Kimberly Schjang
Lucas DiBenedetto
Michael S. Pratter
Mike Astafan
Miles Dunn
Scott LaFata
Seth Martin
Thalia C. Sisqueiros
Tim Hagan
William Moffat