LP New Hampshire joins LP Nevada in condemning the Cuban government over activist arrests

This weekend, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire issued the following statement on their website:

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire answers the call from the Libertarian Party of Nevada in the condemnation of the Cuban government for arresting libertarian activists. LPNH Chair Darryl W. Perry stated “I’d like to thank LP Nevada for taking the lead on this issue, and encouraging other state LP affiliates to join in on the condemnation of the Cuban government’s arrest of two libertarian activists and in calling for their immediate release.”

The LPNH announcement went on to say:

An article from Mises.org talks in more detail regarding the ongoing situation in which human rights activists, were arrested.

“I’m pleased the LP New Hampshire Executive Committee has unanimously answered LP Nevada’s call to join in this condemnation of the Cuban government’s arrest of Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velasquez Visea.” said Perry.

Nevada's Libertarians sincerely thank New Hampshire's Libertarians for standing with us and standing with the persecuted volunteers at Mises Cuba.  If it weren't for the voluntary union of libertarians in North and South America, the jailed Cuban libertarian activists would have absolutely no one to speak for them and spread awareness of their case.

The ongoing call to action is for the 49 other Libertarian state parties, our National Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, all Libertarian parties in Latin America, and all concerned citizens to:

1) Condemn the Cuban government and the Communist Party of Cuba, and demand the safe release of the libertarian prisoners,

2) Ask the US State Department to place diplomatic pressure on Cuba for their release,

3) Call Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and State Legislators to make their own statements of support for these political prisoners.