Libertarians set to rock Politicon!


Politicon is an exciting annual event where politics enthusiasts get together to network, exchange ideas, and meet political celebrities.  The event will be on June 25 and 26 at the Pasadena Convention Center.  You can get 25% off tickets by using the discount code LIBERTARIAN at

Libertarians are excited to announce that one pair of political celebrities this year are Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the Libertarian presidential ticket!  Gary Johnson will be delivering the keynote speech to kick off Politicon, which is a big leap from the past obscurity of the LP.

The Libertarian Party will also be heavily canvassing at Politicon.  Party members will be loud and proud, spreading the message of THE third option and supporting the only presidential ticket that’s not trying to elect known crooks and fraudsters into the most powerful office in the land.

The primary organizers for the Libertarian Party’s presence there are the California state party’s Alive Free Happy Coalition, including LP Los Angeles County Region 63 and LP San Bernardino County.  LP Nevada is also sending its Las Vegas superstars to promote the Party and the Our America Initiative.  The Nevadans are also helping with tabling outreach, which the Alive Free Happy Libertarians will be doing all weekend (because they know what WORKS!).


Most importantly, Southern California’s Libertarians will be giving tabling outreach training and other activist training all weekend long.  Not only is this valuable training in itself—sorry, but calling people statists on Facebook doesn’t grow the Party—but activists in training will have a valuable opportunity to practice what they learn right outside the doors of the classroom!  More than 40,000 people are expected to attend Politicon, so how could the LP not take advantage of this opportunity?

For more information, contact Boomer Shannon at [email protected] or call/text him at 909-641-7675.