Black Lives Matter to Me (but I don't support BLM)

This video is the 5th in a daily series premiering between now and the general election.

Black lives matter to me, but I don't support the protesters calling themselves #BlackLivesMatter. This video explains why.

In a nutshell:

  • There are some good BLM chapters, but also many chapters that behave like Hitler's Brown Shirts
  • Christ died for ALL lives, including black lives
  • I admire the black men and women who have led troops in our military
  • I admire black Scoutmasters that break the cycle of absentee fatherhood
  • I oppose the War on Drugs and how it's brutalized the black community


This election, the best friend of black Americans is Libertarian Gary Johnson.


This video was made on Zach Foster's own initiative.  LP Nevada is not responsible for its contents.