A Vote for Trump is a Vote for Hillary... Here's why

TRIGGER WARNING for Trump fans! (This video is the fourth in a daily series premiering now until the general election.)

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary. Donald is FINISHED. The GOP has abandoned him. HE CAN'T WIN!

Now, I'll admit he did pretty damn good in that second debate.  As a matter of fact, I give him CREDIT for blasting Bill Clinton’s history of being a sexual predator, and Hillary’s history of silencing sexual assault victims.  I also concede that I’m aware Mr. Trump won’t be dropping out, and his most die-hard supporters have committed to chugging the Kool Aid and following him to the celestial comet.  However...

That doesn’t change the fact that 22 U.S. Senators and Congressmen who actively supported him have TAKEN BACK their endorsements!  On top of that, the Governors of Alaska, South Dakota, and Utah have TAKEN BACK their endorsements.


Of the folks who never endorsed him, 4 additional Republican governors are saying that he should WITHDRAW from the race.  In addition, 10 other Republican Senators and Congressmen demand he throw in the towel, and they’re joined by the Honorable Condoleezza Rice!

From the GOP’s committed Never Trump crowd, we can add 5 more Republican governors and 16 US Senators and Congressmen.  The RNC chairman that you guys elected years ago at the party convention is denouncing him, and the RNC has stopped campaigning for him.  Hundreds of other top Republicans are just avoiding the subject of him altogether. 

But the most telling thing: BOTH of the last 2 Republican presidents Republicans elected have failed to support Donald Trump.  They both campaigned for the last 2 Republicans who ran against Obama, but they have FAILED to support Trump.  That says so much.

The writing’s on the wall, folks.  Even though Trump is going to hold out like the last 12 year old Hitler Youths clinging to Berlin, HE CAN’T WIN.  He simply can’t win!

But Gary Johnson CAN win! Republicans, since your guy’s been f***ing up on the daily, Johnson’s popularity keeps going UP--so much that the Dems are spending money running attack ads on him!  That means he’s a threat to them! 


Vote for GARY JOHNSON if you REALLY want to defeat the corruption of Clinton, Inc.  Republicans, we’re offering you a viable alternative, but we WILL NOT support the fascist you sold your souls for.

That's the thing conservatives and social democrats alike perpetually FAIL to understand. Libertarians are equally opposed to both candidates. No matter how furiously you disagree with our platform (and I respect your differing opinion), we will NOT sell out to one just to stop the other.  If stopping Hillary is THAT important to you, let the Grand Old Party back our guy. After all, the Republicans on OUR ticket are way better than the Republicans on your ticket!

And I dare you, say Aleppo one more f***ing time…  Governor Johnson had 3 gaffes, 3 brain farts this whole campaign. Hillary told the FBI "I don't remember" over 40 times in one sitting, and Donald routinely can't remember things he said an hour ago.

Keep in mind Johnson was a great governor whom the Democrats HATED, and he still is a man of honesty, of honor, and of impeccable character. I respect your difference of opinion, but I won't be guilt tripped for refusing to put moral pigs in the most powerful office in the land.


If beating Hillary is really so DAMNED important to you, like you keep claiming it is…

If beating Hillary is so damned important that you would sell out on a number of your finest principles, like firmly opposing sexual assault… like upholding the purity of womanhood… that a woman’s body is her temple… then you will jump OFF that sinking ship and support the Libertarian ticket. 

If Republicans and Libertarians unite behind the Libertarian ticket, we will defeat Clinton, Inc.