FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - LP Nevada tells fascists: Stay home!


LP Nevada Executive Committee resolves fascists aren't welcome to run for office, show up to LP Nevada events.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - On Monday, April 10, by unanimous vote, the Libertarian Party of Nevada Executive Committee resolved the following:

Whereas the Libertarian Party of Nevada's goal is to run candidates for office, both statewide and national; and whereas the Libertarian Party of Nevada believes that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, we decline to allow any candidate who has openly voiced support for fascist forms of governance, or who aligns themselves with a reactionary political perspective, to seek office under the banner of the LPNV.

Furthermore, LPNV, under the freedom of association, reserves the right to remove such persons, who openly call for the removal of others from society based on race, religion, or gender, from any and all LPNV sponsored functions.

This motion mirrored a similar one proposed by Brian Hagen, a member of the Libertarian Party of Kansas, to his Executive Committee, which was drafted to send a clear and concise message - fascists, like followers of communism or any other authoritarian ideology, remain unwelcome in the Libertarian Party.

As Chairman Jason Smith noted previously, the Libertarian Party of Nevada will work with any group that aligns with our philosophy of individual liberty and less government, and will oppose any group that works against our philosophy of individual liberty and less government. Though there are fascists that claim to be in favor of individual liberty and less government, usually on the grounds that they oppose state measures to enforce their ideology, Jeffrey A. Tucker observed that, "their idea of libertarianism is reductionist, truncated, unthoughtful, uncolored and uncorrected by the unfolding of human experience, and forgets the larger historical and social context in which liberty lives." Additionally, Tucker observed that, "the story of liberty and its future is not only about the raw assertion of rights but also about grace, aesthetics, beauty, complexity, service to others, community, the gradual emergence of cultural norms, and the spontaneous development of extended orders of commercial and private relationships." 

The Libertarian Party of Nevada looks forward to working toward a world in which people are valued as ends in themselves rather than as fodder in a central plan. A world that believes in eugenics, in racial superiority, and in class warfare is not a world that believes in the value of individuals as ends in themselves. The Libertarian Party of Nevada is proud to work with legislators in Carson City, on a bill-by-bill basis, to work toward the world we seek. We look forward to furthering our mission at our events and on our constituents' ballots by inviting those that seek a world in which people are valued as ends in themselves to join our party at, join us for our First and Third Tuesday events, and to consider running for office as Libertarian Party candidates or join us in supporting our candidates.