2016 State Convention


Join the Libertarian Party of Nevada for its 2016 State Convention! The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada) is the fastest growing political party in Nevada, and is poised to have another amazing State Convention this year. This year's convention will be split so that Northern Nevada members aren't required to drive down to the Las Vegas area or vice versa. 

Northern Nevada Members and Candidates will be meeting at Mound House, Nevada, and will be video conferenced in to the proceedings down in Las Vegas. Southern Nevada Members and Candidates will be meeting at the Libertarian Party of Nevada Headquarters in Las Vegas. Venues are subject to change to accomodate larger groups of members.

This event is for MEMBERS only. To become a member, please join and become a dues-paying member of at least $25/year at www.LPNevada.org/join_now

There is a suggested donation of $17.76 to help cover the costs of the Convention.

The Agenda:

11:00 am - State Convention Doors Open & Credentialing Begins
1:00 pm - State Convention is Called to Order
4:00 pm - State Convention is Adjourned (tentatively)

Bylaws Amendment Proposal

There has only been one bylaws amendment sent to the Party Secretary by 7 days prior to the State Convention. This proposal can be read by clicking here.


March 12, 2016 at 11:00am - 4pm


Brett H. Pojunis ·


Robert Heinrich Steve Brown Ajalynn Oram James Smith Jason Henslee Kevin McCormick Troy Ethan Warren Mark Guidry Brett Pojunis Andrew(Aubrey) Lea John Moore Jeff Kadlowec Timothy Hagan Jonathan Friedrich Adam Sanacore James Staton Darron Birgenheier Robert Arnakis Kim Schjang Erik Stone Candy Binnings Dr. Donald Hendon Patricia Roskelley Jason Fenstermacher Ricky Roskelley Brandon Ellyson Jason Weinman Jason Nellis Miles Dunn David Colborne Jay Layman Alexander DiBenedetto Jason Smith

Will you come?