LPN activists train for busy campaign season

The Libertarian Party of Nevada is arguably the most active state chapter of the Libertarian Party in America.  I was incredibly proud to take part in this weekend’s activist training at the Libertarian Party of Nevada headquarters in Las Vegas. When I originally joined this band of freedom activists in the desert, I never imagined I’d get a front row seat at a third party’s historic growth.  

Dozens of activists showed up Saturday on their own time to train, be trained, and coordinate with fellow Libertarian Party members on traveling the road ahead. I stopped counting attendees after four dozen. The training was done in a seminar format with multiple groups and presenters rotating in a round robin. I would even dare compare it to the quality of instruction at Young Americans for Liberty’s famous campaign training boot camps.

Special guests who participated in the training seminars included Nevada Assemblyman and Libertarian Party member John Moore, and Steve Sanson, Director of Veterans In Politics International. What inspired me most was seeing members LPN’s veterans caucus, LGBT caucus, nightlife and entertainment caucus, Hispanic caucus, and other individual members from different walks of life, all gathered together, going out of their way to be productive, and all getting on the same page.

“I’m really pleased and humbled that so many people came out today on their own time so we could educate each other and get on the same page,” said state chair Brett Pojunis. “We have major events coming up this year and the Libertarian Party of Nevada is leading the way in liberty activism.” Even the party’s state chair came out to be trained!

“I’m so excited about all the people and the presentations,” said Alex DiBenedetto, Editor-in-Chief of LPNevada.org and LPN publications. This successful activist training boot camp was his brainchild. “This is not the Libertarian Party of 2002. What we see today is a brand that’s respected in Las Vegas, that’s engaged and very active across Nevada, and it’s a brand I’m very proud to associate with.”

It’s a brand I’m proud to attach my name to as well. Frankly, I’m excited. On the menu this year for the LPN are legalizing marijuana, protecting gun rights, the Libertarian National Convention, and the 2016 election cycle. The most important race the LPN will focus on is reelecting Assemblyman John Moore, the first Libertarian state legislator in twenty years (but not the last!). 2016 is a big year for the Nevada party and the national party.

Anyone reading this who isn’t yet a member of the fastest growing political party in America is welcome to join me. The Libertarian Party truly is the party of the people. Get involved today at www.LPNevada.org/volunteer!