Iowa Caucuses a Huge Opportunity for Libertarian Party!

Libertarian Party activists strategizing

If anything characterizes American politics in the days before and immediately after the Iowa Caucuses, it’s this: all emotions, no logic or reason, plenty of name calling and demagoguery.  How are we different?

Supporters of the Pepsi candidate verbally abuse folks voting for the Coca-Cola candidate. Republicans accuse other Republicans of being socialists and Democrats accuse other democrats of being fascist corporate sellouts. American voters seem genuinely down in the dumps with the results from Iowa.

Frankly, this is the best news anyone could give to the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party of Nevada has been leading a peaceful political revolution. While voters from the major parties were letting themselves be brainwashed by mass media to hate each other, the LPN has been actively working with local Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated groups to build coalitions so we can GET THINGS DONE.

Through these coalitions, united Nevadans from across the political spectrum are setting aside their few trivial differences, and focusing instead on what we do agree on: FREEDOM. In Nevada, freedom-based activism means things will GET DONE.

Just last week, Young Americans for Liberty hosted a GOP debate watching party at UNLV. LPN Chair Brett Pojunis attended the party along with Outreach Director Jason Weinman. Also present were members of Nevada Young Democrats, College Republicans, and independent voters who just want to eat some Chinese food and chat with folks who can disagree without ripping each other’s heads off.

The results from the Iowa Caucuses are a Godsend. There are hundreds of thousands of disappointed Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Rand Paul supporters. Capital-L Libertarians aren’t naïve; we see the RNC preparing to do to Rand in August 2016 what they did to Ron in August 2012. The Rand supporters will be the easiest to recruit into the LP. Most of them are already Libertarian sympathizers, but they felt Rand had a good chance, and they were right to think so… for a while.

The next easiest camp to recruit will be the Sanders supporters. The main draw to Bernie is NOT his domestic spending plan, which will be several times more expensive than the Iraq War. They LOVE how his entire campaign has put the Democrat Party on blast for behaving like the Republican Party—before AND after George W. Bush.  They’re anti-war and anti-corporate bailouts. We NEED to let them know the LP was all about that platform BEFORE it was fashionable, and we’ll still be all about it after Bernie retires.

Even the Donald Trump supporters are potential Libertarians. We simply need to educate them kindly and patiently. For starters, we let them know that Republican spending and the Federal Reserve system are stealing (killing) American jobs, not some Mexican immigrant in Phoenix scraping together a living. We can also educate them on how the Republicans they’ve been voting for have actually been quietly raising taxes and giving in to gun control legislation, and how only the LP stood up for Constitutional rights.  Libertarian Assemblyman John Moore is living testimony that there are libertarians still to be rescued from the GOP.

As far as politics concerns the two major parties, Libertarians should thank their lucky stars. Most of the presidential candidates might be little more than circus clowns, but every gaffe, every dumb or offensive antic only drives more disillusioned voters to the Libertarian Party. Libertarians, the ball is in YOUR court. What will you do with it?

Hopefully you’ll seek out these Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Rand Paul supporters. Invite them to join us for free food the first Tuesday of every month at Jalisco Cantina. Maybe they’ll be interested in joining us for a beer Sunday evenings at Loose Caboose.

Whatever the specific situation, we have limitless opportunities for recruiting and outreach. Join today at