David Nolan

David Nolan Week Day 1

This week on Legends of Libertarianism we take a look at a person who was instrumental in creating the very political party we are a part of: David Nolan.

Legend of Libertarianism
David Nolan Week Day 2

The Libertarian Party was officially founded on December 11, 1971 and David Nolan was one of the original founders - in fact, the organizing meeting that “created” the LP occurred in his living room in Colorado.

David Nolan Week Day 3

Very few of us are “born” libertarians. David Nolan came from the GOP but became radicalized by Nixon’s wage and price controls, the closing of the gold window, and the Vietnam war.

He was also heavily influenced towards libertarianism by the authors Ayn Rand and Robert Heinlein.

Origin Story
David Nolan Week Day 4

David Nolan served the Libertarian Party in several roles including  as editor of the LP newsletter, chair of many committees, including  judicial, platform, and bylaws, and even chair of the Libertarian National Committee itself.

Nolan also ran as an LP candidate in Arizona for the House of Representatives (in 2006, receiving 1.9% of the vote) and Senate (in 2010 receiving 4.7% of the vote).

David Nolan Week Day 5

David created the Nolan Chart,  an attempt to improve on the left/right political taxonomy. It’s still used by the Advocates for Self-Government as the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” and for many people, was the first visual representation of what Libertarianism “is”.

Nolan Chart

Nolan Chart