The Libertarian Party of Nevada and Other Influential Organizations Announce the Launch of Don’t Raid Nevada Coalition

Don’t Raid Nevada Coalition was established to bring awareness about the negative aspects of the taxpayer funded stadium and encourage legislators to vote no on the stadium.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, September 16, 2016 – The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada), the fastest growing political party announced today the launch of Don’t Raid Nevada Coalition. 

Don’t Raid Nevada Coalition was formed to bring awareness to the negative impact of the taxpayer funded stadium on the residents of Las Vegas, Nevada. Elected officials are currently debating whether to spend public funds on a new Las Vegas stadium in the hopes of attracting the NFL’s Raiders to relocate from Oakland. Taxpayers would be responsible for subsidizing Billionaires for a minimum of $750 Million dollars. 

The goals of Don’t Raid Nevada Coalition are listed on the website Some of the main goals and key points are as are as follows: 

  • Let the public decide the fate of the stadium. Since taxpayer’s money is being used on this stadium with no participation in revenues, then the voters should make this decision.
  • Demonstrate the true costs associated with the stadium. The $750 Million is just the expense of the stadium’s initial development. The cost for ongoing maintenance, additional taxes for more cops, infrastructure, etc. is NOT being factored in the total cost. The tax is for 33 years which will generate an estimated $50,000,000 a year towards the stadium. Over 33 years, the total would be an estimated $1,650,000,000, more than DOUBLE the upfront cost to taxpayers!
  • Inform the public of all risks. Schools, hospitals, road construction and state funded government programs including welfare will all be in danger if the state cannot raise enough money to pay for the stadium.
  • Identify which politicians received bribes to vote in favor of the stadium. We will bring to light all the politicians who took legal bribes in the form of campaign contributions to vote yes for this stadium. Then the voters can decide who they want to vote out of office this fall!
  • Discuss how local businesses will be negatively affected. There are many economic impact reports which clearly demonstrate local businesses lose big when there are new stadiums. Town Square and the southern part of the strip will be ghost towns during football season and major events and all businesses will lose money. Locals will not want to compete with traffic.
  • Full Transparency on Financials.
  • If Profits are realized, there should be a dividend paid to all Nevada citizens.
  • Keep costs lower for tourists, not higher.
  • Suggest alternative private funding options.
  • Stop subsidizing Billionaires. 

The Libertarian Party of Nevada was credited as a major force in disrupting the $200 Million taxpayer funded soccer stadium in Las Vegas almost 2 years ago, view this blog post. “Ever since the inception of this project we (LPNevada) have been receiving phone calls from individuals and organizations who oppose the taxpayer funded stadium,” said LPNevada Chairman Brett H. Pojunis. “Besides the fact we are subsidizing Billionaires, our biggest issue is that the public is being misled by the $750 Million price tag. The Stadium will likely cost in excess of $1.65 Billion based solely on the $50 Million projected in annual new tax revenues multiplied by 33 years before the sunset.”

We are asking everyone who is against this to please sign up for the following:

Please make sure to start sharing our posts and the website with your friends and family so you can be an informed voter. 

About Don’t Raid Nevada

Don't Raid Nevada Coalition is a group of concerned citizens in Nevada fighting against the taxpayer funded stadium. They are going to launch new content every week until they stop the taxpayer funded stadium. They are in the process of drafting a full economic impact report as well as independent research about the negative effects from taxpayer funded stadiums. There are many cities over the last 30 years who have taken subsidies and have failed, Las Vegas should not be one of them! 

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