Sticking with Trump? The weak Bill Clinton defense

TRIGGER WARNING for Donald Trump supporters!

This video is the third in a series premiering between now and the general election.

The GOP is now the party that condones sexual assault. There's a HUGE difference between raunchy locker room talk and casually justifying sexual assault. 

And before more Trumplicans start belly aching even more, I NEVER forgot about the Clintons' war on women. HOWEVER, the Bill Clinton defense is WEAK and LAME. Here I explain why.

It may be so hard for Republicans to grasp, but we Libertarians are Never Trump AND Never Hillary. It was never either/or.  Better yet, with the RNC freezing their campaigning and VP nominee Mike Pence refusing to be seen with Trump, it looks like The Donald's candidacy is doomed!

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Gary is the de facto Republican candidate!  (At least, for Republicans who want to actually beat Hillary while NOT rationalizing sexual assault, not perverting Holy Scripture to defend their false idol.)

Republicans, you DON'T have to keep being part of the problem of sexual assault!  To be part of the solution, vote Johnson-Weld this November.