Should We Reconsider Our 3rd Party Vote??? HELL NO!

This is the first in a series of daily videos to be released between now and the general election.  The video was made in response to Paul Waldman's "5 Reasons to Reconsider Your Third Party Vote" on The Week.

Paul Waldman essentially makes the case for selling out on your principles and swallowing the bitter Hillary Pill for the sake of defeating the Antichrist, Donald Trump. As far as Libertarians are concerned, the Democrats' plight is NOT OUR PROBLEM.  The two parties created this mess on their own, and they can take each other out like spiders in a nest, without our help.

We're voting AGAINST Hillary AND Trump and we're voting FOR Gary Johnson. If you want to be part of the problem of the corrupt 2 party system, follow Waldman's advice. If you want to be part of the solution, vote Libertarian in 2016.

Some gems from my commentary include:

"The Libertarian Party has been leading the way on important issues, like LGBT issues...  The LP has been completely pro-LGBT since our founding in 1971."

"More undocumented immigrants were deported under Obama's watch than by the Bush administration...  As the grandson of Mexican immigrants, I can say... the Democrat Party can take its systematic oppression and its false philanthropy and go straight to hell."

"...STOP apologizing for imperial presidential candidates hiding behind the mask of progressivism and equality..."

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The video is the work of Zach Foster. LP Nevada is not responsible for its contents.