Ron Paul Liberty Report: this election "a gift for Libertarians"

Chris Rossini wrote a great editorial for the Ron Paul Liberty Report, titled "This election is a gift for Libertarians."  The editorial resonated with me and I have a few comments on how this applies to the Libertarian Party.

“Government depends upon on a massive amount of smoke and mirrors in order to garner sufficient belief in its legitimacy. If there's one good thing that we can say about Donald Trump, it's that his candidacy has exposed the mainstream media as a full-blown arm of the government and establishment elites.”

Absolutely.  I remember realizing this in 2011 when the national media was trying to shut down Ron Paul.  The guiltiest party to this was Fox News, whose anchors would start talking like Democrats the few times they got around to mentioning Dr. Paul.

The Democrats in MSNBC and CNN brought him up the most, but mostly because it was convenient to use his mistreatment to discredit the Republican Party.  And rightfully so.

“Now, the government's licensed media has no choice but to embarrassingly promote Hillary Clinton 24 hours a day. What a job to be handed...and what poetic justice. The media has lost what little credibility it has left by pumping up (and covering up) for someone who is widely despised by the American public.”

Very true.  Julian Assange ought to get a Nobel Prize for WikiLeaks mercilessly exposing Hillary, Inc.  The widespread disgust and hatred aimed at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have resulted in Governor Gary Johnson polling in the 20-30% range between last week and today.  If that translates into votes, this election’s going to the House of Representatives.

“That is the time when libertarians can "do" something. That's the time to tell [your friends and neighbors] about sound money, free markets, voluntary exchanges, and private property rights.”

I agree.  For libertarians, educating your circle of influence never stops, even if you have to be gentler and more patient with some folks.  Most people need to feel safe and respected before they’ll let you change their worldview.

However, within the next 2 and a half weeks, there’s something else we can do.  Most people generally despise Hillary and Trump equally.  Convince them of this: if they just vote Libertarian one time, we can shatter the 5% glass ceiling for third parties.  5% in the general election will get us federal funds, automatic ballot access in all states, and inclusion in the national polls and the debates.

Remind them that by voting for Gary, they’re not only voting for a stand-up, honest guy, but they’re also helping to weaken the stranglehold of the 2 party system. Tell them: Please, vote Libertarian this one time and help us do one good thing.