No One Cares if you're Offended! Pt. 1

In every major generation, it's common for phrases to manifest that sum up he feelings of those who live through the events of their time. During the time of America's revolutionary period, Patrick Henry summed up the thoughts of a population who wanted liberation from tyranny with the well-known phrase, "Give me liberty of give me death!". During the 60s, when the counter-culture movement started to manifest against the unfettered conformity of our society and the bloodshed of Vietnam, "Make love, not war!" became a staple philosophy of the youth of that decade. Fast-forward now, to 2015, and a new phrase has emerged that perfectly sums up one of the biggest, most telling signs of the generation that currently inhabits this country: "I've been triggered!". 

2015 has seen the manifest of a body of individuals in our society who have made it their life's mission to let everyone know that they're offended. These lovely, highly delusional individuals have become better known as social justice warriors. Although SJWs have been around for a few years, they have managed to miraculously evolve to unfathomable levels within the past few months. In the beginning, their philosophical degradation began with the support of free-speech zones on college campuses, but now, they have decided to take their feelings to a whole new level. Over the past one to two months, colleges and universities across the country have started to further eradicate the structure of human inquiry and innovation with the formation of safe zones. What are these "safe zones" you might ask? Well, if you're a special snowflake and learn that your college or university is inviting a speaker with thoughts that make you uncomfortable, you can visit one of these safe spaces to shield yourself from their views while also having the ability to interact with a counselor. Again, let me repeat this, because I'm pretty sure you think I'm spewing satire at this point: colleges are offering shelter from ideas and free access to a grief counselor. This is what parents and individuals are going hundreds of thousands into debt for. And what are the reasons? I don't want to bore you with too many details (because believe me, the level of stupid that I could get into would cause half of the neurons in your head to die), there are two primary factors that are contributing to this dangerous new faction of our society. First, our over-coddled generation that is being brainwashed into believing that they will be protected and given everything they need for free (i.e. the welfare state), and second, the infestation of socialist professors in the debt prisons known as colleges who probably salivate at the thought of having wet dreams about Bernie Sanders becoming the next President of the United States. 

I want to cover more about SJWs in future readings, because I simply cannot cover all of their uncontrollable delusions in one post. Before I end, however, I want to say one thing that is going to be the primary theme of everything else that I write: if you're offended by something, please grow up and get over yourself. Contrary to what our screwed up society may teach you, being offended is not an argument; it's an emotional response with no substance. When you tell someone that something offends you, what you're really saying is that you're not old enough mentally to hear or see something without feeling an uncontrollable desire to sit in the corner of your room and rock back and forth until you feel better. The United States was founded on the principle of free expression. There's a reason why the Founders made the freedom of speech the very first amendment in the Bill of Rights. If we as a society want to live in our country where our right to express ourselves freely is not tramped on or eliminated, we must first be willing to admit that responding to ideas with emotion does not qualify as a reason to demand that our rights be taken away.