LPN in the News (1/29/16)

LPN chair Brett Pokunis

The Libertarian Party of Nevada has been making headlines! (Yes, there are links below.)

This week, Solar Industry Magazine mentioned the LPN joining with other coalition groups in calling for three unscrupulous individuals to be removed from the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.  PR Newswire covered the same story and also credited the LPN for taking part in this fight.

Lahontan Valley News' Nevada Appeal published a story on sex industry entrepreneur Dennis Hof's candidacy for State Senate.  Hof is running on the Libertarian ticket to represent District 15.  

Nevada News and Views put out a hilarious, highly entertaining article called "A Conservative, a Libertarian, and a RINO walk into a brothel..."  Nye County Republican Party chairman Bill Carns said of Hof, "He’d be better than that turncoat horse’s ass, Greg Brower."  We couldn't agree more!

On January 24th, LPN chair Brett Pojunis appeared on the Larry Elder Show to talk about the LPN's plans for 2016.  Finally, the Independent Political Report re-posted the production-quality videos of the LPN Celebrity Candidate Meet and Greet at Mandalay Bay's Foundation Room.