Las Vegas Tragedy Inspires Hope as the Community Comes Together

As we reflect on the tragedy in Las Vegas over the weekend, we at the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) are warmed and heartened by what we witnessed in the aftermath of this horrific event. In the face of terror and tragedy Nevadans and Americans come together to help those in times of despair and need.

We have read accounts of first responders arriving on the scene and providing aid to the fallen; Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel provided yeoman efforts to stop the shooting and assist the wounded. Yet remarkably, the people who were uninjured in the melee as it unfolded became voluntary first responders by instinct. In the face of incredible danger and at personal risk, average citizens came to the aid of others in the venue before anyone official was on the scene.

After the shooting stopped and the injured needed aid, citizens voluntarily took injured victims to the hospital in their own vehicles without waiting for the overwhelmed paramedic and fire personnel to come to their aid. Off duty nurses, doctors and law enforcement instinctively engaged to help. Ordinary people stepped up to volunteer themselves and their vehicles to do what was necessary to comfort and aid their fellow man.

Within hours, money began flowing to the victims from total strangers around the nation and world via a GoFundMe page set up with an initial ten thousand dollar pledge by Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak. This money comes from people who feel compelled to help ; as we write this the total money raised has topped $8 Million.

Thousands of blood donors overwhelmed donation collection centers across Nevada as people did what they could to offer aid and comfort to those in need.

The actions in Las Vegas as well as those in the aftermath of the events in Florida and Texas reveal the fundamental human spirit of compassion and care we have for each other. In times of need ordinary Americans accomplish extraordinary deeds without compulsion from authority. We do what is in our power to help with what is needed at the time without expectation of recognition or money. 

As time unwinds this tragedy and we try to reconstruct and unravel the why of this situation, the we look to each other for solace and support.  As politicians line up with wringed hands and furrowed brows fruitlessly trying to craft ways to prevent future tragedies, we suggest a more direct and personal approach.

These past days have revealed a libertarian society in action; people responding to need voluntarily without government push or prod. The LPN asks you to embody the spirit of voluntarism, peace and tolerance in the interactions you have with people in your life. Become the force that drives the change in the world you would like to see come to pass. If we all embrace the Libertarian values that we hold dear, the world will become what we envision and love will conquer all.