It Ain't My War! #NoWarwithRussia

This video is the sixth in a daily series premiering between now and the general election.


That ain't my war. Not by a long shot. We haven't finished the ones we've got. Let the Russians screw around in the Middle East. It's the black hole of empires. They can't afford it. Last time they did it their country disappeared.

I signed up to fight terrorism, not for my country to sponsor terrorism or get trolled by the Reds. NO NEW WAR.

They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it. --1 Peter 3:11

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This video contains the song "Deliver Hope" from the Halo Reach trailer, presumably by Michael Salvatori and owned by Sumthing Else. The song was used for non-commercial purposes, to bolster free speech.

The video was made by Zach Foster on his own initiative.  LP Nevada is not responsible for its contents.