Double The LP - Libertarian Party Membership Drive

Every Libertarian recruits at least ONE new Libertarian to double the size of the Libertarian Party of Nevada! 

Imagine twice as many Libertarian Party Members, Voters, Volunteers, Donors, Candidates & Activists. You can be a part of history we create!

We invested in amazing, cutting edge technology to enable YOU to use social media and YOUR contacts to spread the word about the Libertarian Party. Once you join, you will get your own campaign page with a recruiter link you can share and get credit for referring others to join. Then, promote your page to your friends, family, and other liberty minded people via email, social media and more!

You are a key component to the success of this campaign. If you are tired of the Democrats and Republicans trying to tell you how to run your life, your business, what you can do in your bedroom, and your personal life choices, then you are a Libertarian and you should join us today!

Now is the time to act!

Visit: and sign up now!