Cuban Libertarian Party leaders arrested by State Security last night


Las Vegas, Nevada (June 1, 2017) - The leaders of the Cuban Libertarian Party were arrested and taken away by State Security last night!  The police showed up in the early afternoon in force with men and vehicles.  They surrounded the Benjamin Franklin Libertarian Library (Cuban Libertarian Party headquarters) for at least 6 hours before suddenly breaking open the doors and arresting everyone at some point between 10 and 11pm local time.

The Libertarians known to have been arrested include Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand the spokesman, Heriberto Pons Ruis the Vice Chair, Caridad Ramirez Utria the Chair, Miguelito Cartelito the interpreter, and all members present at the Benjamin Franklin Libertarian Library in solidarity with the hunger strike to demand immediate release of our political prisoners, Ubaldo and Manuel.

A neighbor witnessed the incident and reported it to other members and to members of the party's international wing.

WE WHO CARE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS MUST GET THE WORD OUT.  Every individual who calls him or herself a libertarian is being called on to help.  NGOs and human rights watch groups must be contacted.  The media must be contacted.  Every single voice that bears witness to the crime that occurred last night is another candle in the dark.

If supporters aren't sure what to do to start helping, they can send a tweet AND Facebook message to @CubaMINREX to protest directly to the Cuban government. Tweet to @amnesty to report this arrest to Amnesty International. They can also send a PayPal donation of any amount and help the Cuban LP boost posts on Facebook so thousands and thousands more people see this and know what the Castro regime has been trying to sweep under the rug.

For more information, contact the Cuban Libertarian Party directly at or contact Zach Foster, Cuban LP spokesman for North America, at

We beg of you, DO NOT BE SILENT.  Cuba's Libertarians need you now more than ever!

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