Cuban Libertarian Party and Nevada Libertarian Party protest the disappearance of Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand



Las Vegas (May 23, 2017) – The Libertarian Party of Nevada joins the Cuban Libertarian Party – José Martí in protesting and condemning the disappearance of Nelson Luis Rodriguez Chartrand.  LP Nevada heard of the disappearance and the details around it from the Chairwoman of the Cuban Libertarian Party.  Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand is the spokesman for the Cuban Libertarian Party and one of the driving forces behind the party’s aggressive canvassing across Havana, where the Cuban Libertarians have been peppering Havana with fliers denouncing State Security and demanding the release of the political prisoners Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velazquez Visea.

Nelson was instrumental in the founding of the Cuban Libertarian Party, which launched on May 7 in Havana.  The activists have been out canvassing every day and night, peacefully resisting against the dictatorship by chiseling away at the official narrative, bit by bit.  The specific circumstances are as follows:

Yesterday evening, May 22, Nelson took a field trip to Camaguey province with Chairwoman Caridad Ramirez and Vice Chairman Heriberto Pons, where they inaugurated a new, second location for their Libertarian Libraries.  It will also serve as the headquarters for Mises Institute Cuba and the Party itself in Camaguey, while the Benjamin Franklin Libertarian Library is the headquarters for all 3 branches in Havana.  The event was successful, although the activists had spotted State Security following them throughout the day.

Nelson is known to have left his adult son’s home in Camaguey last night, presumably returning home to nearby Havana, but has not been seen since. He is not in any of the hospitals or emergency rooms. Moreover, all police stations deny holding him.  This is indicative of a state kidnapping and quite common, according to one anonymous Mises Cuba member who was imprisoned at Combinado del Este labor prison.  Based on recent patterns of behavior by State Security and the National Revolutionary Police toward Cuban libertarians, LP Nevada agrees that Nelson was kidnapped by the secret police and is currently “invisible,” as his alleged though extremely plausible and likely arrest was intentionally not documented. 

In case anyone expresses serious doubts about posting the names of the Cuban Libertarian activists, they should know that Nelson and all other members of the Cuban Libertarian Party understand and have agreed that more people will be arrested and incarcerated, just like Ubaldo and Manuel, and now likely Nelson.  They know the risk and continue forward with their activism.  They have short-term goals and long-term objectives, and the determination to see it through.  Many of these Cuban libertarians have been activists for three years already since Nelson founded the Cuban Anarcho-Capitalist Club in 2014.  They have the long-term vision of uniting all the disaffected Cubans left outside of the Castro regime’s circle of privilege.

This situation is intolerable and must be protested with every medium available, no matter how stacked against Nelson and the Cuban Libertarians the odds may be.  The odds were stacked against the revolutionary statesmen and the revolutionary troops fighting for U.S. independence in 1775.  The odds were stacked against José Martí when he led troops into battle in for independence in 1895.  The odds were stacked against Fidel Castro when only 17 July-26 guerrillas survived the year 1956.  This struggle is another chapter in a longer story, and it’s one that’s about our generation.


UPDATE! (May 24, 2017) - After over 24 hours' disappearance, Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand has emerged and is in contact with the party leaders.  He was beaten and shaken, but in one piece.  The Cuban LP has even more reason now to conclude State Security agents are responsible.  More details will come in a few days.

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The Cuban Libertarian Party - José Martí is a respectful opposition party in Cuba. The PLC - José Martí is dedicated to campaigning for civil rights, human rights, a reduction of collectivism's control over the public, and returning power directly to the people and the individual. Our namesake is the founding father of Cuba, who died in the war of independence from Spain.

The party's members maintain three organizations: José Martí, the party itself, dedicated to political action; Mises Institute Cuba, dedicated to free market economic research and development; and the Libertarian Libraries, a functioning library and meeting center with locations in Havana and Camaguey province.

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