2021 Convention Agenda

Below is the draft agenda for the 2021 Libertarian Party of Nevada Convention, including proposed bylaws amendments. The draft agenda may be subject to change, especially once the convention starts.

2021 Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) State Convention Agenda
Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at 10:30 AM at The Union Plaza Hotel; 1 N. Main Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Call to Order

Chair’s Introduction to the Convention

Credentialing Report

Adoption of Agenda

Adoption of any Special Rules of Order

Appointment of a Sergeant-at-Arms

Opening Remarks: 10 min. National Libertarian Party Chairman Mr. Joseph Bishop-Henchman

Officer's Reports

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Secretary's Report
  • Northern Regional (resigned due to health issues), Southern Regional, & At-Large Representative Reports
  • Vice-Chairman's Report
  • Chairman's Report


Recess #1 - Lunch

Call to Order

Election of Executive Committee Officers for 2021 to 2023 Term*

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Northern Regional Representative
  • Southern Regional Representative
  • At-Large Representative


Bylaws Amendments

Any Remaining Business Deemed Necessary and Proper


* indicates an agenda item for which only dues-paying members may vote or make a motion

Special Thanks to the 2021 Convention Committee: Jason Smith, David Colborne, Louis Pombo, Tim Hagan, Debra Payne

Pursuant to Robert’s Rules and interpretation of LPN Bylaws remote participation in the convention shall be allowed. Whereas the LPN has made public advanced plans and accommodations for remote participation, credentialed members in remote participation shall be considered in good standing and able to motion and vote as appropriate. A manager (David Colborne as acting Vice Chair) shall preside over the remote participation room to pass on motions to the floor and votes on motions and elections to the secretary on behalf of remote participants.

Proposed Special Rules for Selection of candidates for LPN Executive Committee:

None of the above (NOTA) shall be considered a valid nomination and will be considered in order after general nominations have been closed.

After nominations have closed each nominee shall have the floor for not more than five minutes. Nominees may yield the floor during this period for a period of not more than two minutes to a member in support.

NOTA may be nominated from the floor after candidate speech periods.

Elections shall be conducted in a run-off manner. If no candidate receives a majority of votes this shall result in the lowest vote total (excluding NOTA) candidate being removed, and a subsequent vote shall be taken with the remaining candidates.

All votes for officer’s elections shall be recorded by written ballot (excluding such means by which remote participants will be voting).

In the event of NOTA ascending the office, that office may be considered once more for a general business item. In the event of NOTA ascending for a second set of nominations the position shall move forward as NOTA.

Handy Parliamentary Reference:

To make a motion: “Mister/Madam Chair, I move that/to _________________.”
All motions require a second for a group this size. Upon hearing a second, the Chair will call for a voice vote. If there is a call for division, and/or the Chair cannot determine the outcome, a hand-raise vote will be called. If there is further division still, a roll-call vote will be called.

To end debate and force a vote, “Mister/Madam Chair, I move the previous question.”
Two-thirds (⅔) needed.

To nominate someone for an office, “Mister/Madam Chair, I nominate (name of person) for the office of (name of office).”

To ask a question: “Mister/Madam Chair, point of information, (then ask question)?”

To ask for a ruling from the Chair: “Mister/Madam Chair, point of order, (then ask for ruling).

To request to make a statement: “Mister/Madam Chair, point of personal privilege?”
If the Chair states yes with a time limit, you have that long to make your statement.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments in order as presented to the Secretary on or before April 23rd, 2021:

As Submitted by Jesse Welch on April 22nd, 2021:

Amendment Proposal 1: Revisions to Section III.2.C.

C. Affiliates on college campuses shall donate ten dollars ($10) in monetary or in-kind contributions in the past 365 days. Five dollars ($5) shall be donated to LPN and $5 shall be retained by the college campus affiliate.

Amendment Proposal 2: Additions to Section V.5.

H. The Campus Representative shall coordinate the establishing and oversight of LPN affiliates on college campuses throughout the entire state of Nevada. The Campus Representative shall be enrolled at any institution within the Nevada System of Higher Education.
I. The Marketing Representative shall run the LPN’s social media accounts and lead the marketing of the LPN.

As Submitted by Katharine “Katie” Banuelos on April 23rd, 2021:

Amendment Proposal 3: Revisions to Section II:

"The object of this organization shall be to tirelessly and consistently promote the philosophy and principles of libertarianism in the political realm; by electing candidates to local and state offices, by supporting or opposing individual policies, by joining issue-based coalitions, by engaging in advocacy, outreach and direct action, and by supporting the development of alternatives to state-based solutions."

Amendment Proposal 4: Revisions to Section III.2.B to read:

"and have donated at least twenty-five dollars ($25) in monetary or in-kind contributions to the LPN in the past 365 days."

As Submitted by Charles Holt on April 23rd, 2021:

Amendment Proposal 5: Selection of Candidates for Public Office: Revisions to Section IV.8.

B. End the current statement with a semicolon, and add, "except in the event that more than one LPN member wishes to run for the Public Office. If this occurs, the LPN members shall compete in the appropriate primary for placement on the ballot in the general election."
D. Eliminate the last sentence that refers to only selecting one nominee from the LP for any partisan office.

Amendment Proposal 6: Expansion of the Executive Committee: Revisions to Section V.2.

"The Executive Committee shall consist of nine members: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Southern Regional Representative, Northern Regional Representative, 1 At-Large Representative, Higher Education Representative, and the Communications Representative.

Section V.5. (add)

H. The Higher Education Representative shall be a student at any Nevada Institute of Higher Education. The Higher Education Representative shall be tasked with recruiting higher education students to establish affiliates at such institutions. The H.E.R. shall report activities in the higher education communities at each convention.
I. The Communications Representative shall assist all LPN communications (especially social media) for both the public and within the Party itself.

Amendment Proposal 7: Revisions to Section VI.1.

"Once five dues-paying or non dues-paying members ...convention. All affiliates will be exempt from paying dues for their first two years of existence."