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  • From the blog

    An Inspiration Moves On


    By Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence

    As 2016 winds up, we reflect on the homages we paid to great professionals and human beings we’ve long admired as they graciously ended their illustrious careers. They included Vin Scully, Tim Duncan and Charles Osgood. We’ll deeply miss the mastery and character with which they executed their crafts and enriched our lives.

    Today, we add Thomas Sowell.

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    Ron Paul vs. Nick Sarwark: The Real Truth

    Ron Paul

    Exactly 5 years ago I stepped on an airplane at Des Moines International Airport, having spent the last two weeks working my tail off for the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign.  The Iowa Caucuses were a glorious time.  Ron Paul was the GOP front-runner before Fox News manufactured Rick Santorum's narrow victory.  That was realistically the closest the liberty movement has been to taking the White House and rolling back the federal government through the executive route.  We didn't make it, but I only regret that I couldn't do more.  I never thought I'd see the day when people in the movement openly criticize Ron Paul as un-libertarian (it would have absolutely been heard of 5 years ago).  Nonetheless, here's the truth about the recent snippy exchange between Ron Paul and LNC Chair Nick Sarwark:

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  • Upcoming Events

    • 2017 State Convention


      See press release here and media advisory here.

      Join the Libertarian Party of Nevada for its 2017 State Convention! The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) is the fastest growing political party in Nevada, and is poised to have another amazing State Convention this year. We will be having the convention at Opportunity Village: Oakey Campus, an incredible, local charity, which we are happy to support by renting out their large meeting space. 

      This event is for MEMBERS only. To become a member, please register to vote in the state of Nevada as Libertarian Party of Nevada. Note: In order to vote on Bylaws and Executive Committee Elections, you must be a DUES-PAYING MEMBER. You can become a dues-paying member of at least $60/year at

      There is a suggested donation of $17.76 to help cover the costs of the Convention.

      The Agenda:

      8:45 am - State Convention Doors Open
      9:00 am - Credentialing and Tabling Begins
      12:00 pm - State Convention is Called to Order
      5:00 pm - State Convention is Adjourned (tentatively)

      Bylaws Amendment Proposal

      So far, no bylaws amendments have been proposed. Check back periodically (up to a week before) for updates. If you have a bylaws amendment proposal, please email AT LEAST 1 week before the State Convention for consideration. NO bylaws amendments can be considered if they are not submitted prior to the State Convention by 1 week (this is a current bylaws requirement). 

      Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 09:00 AM · 65 rsvps
      65 RSVPs