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  • From the blog

    The Racism of the Drug War (Part 1)

    Texas state police dragging Mexican suspects. Image courtesy of the New York Times.

    Longtime Congressman Ron Paul draws attention to many Americans supporting the war on drugs out of the belief that drug prohibition is morally correct.  But if only morality were the true motivation behind the nearly hundred-year-old U.S. federal war on drugs!  In reality, the drug war is purely racist and xenophobic at its genesis.

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    LPN activists train for busy campaign season

    The Libertarian Party of Nevada is arguably the most active state chapter of the Libertarian Party in America.  I was incredibly proud to take part in this weekend’s activist training at the Libertarian Party of Nevada headquarters in Las Vegas. When I originally joined this band of freedom activists in the desert, I never imagined I’d get a front row seat at a third party’s historic growth.  

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