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    Communism and Millennials, Progressives and Liberals

    In the 100th anniversary of communism last month, three points stood out.
    First, polls say half of America’s millennials would rather live under socialism or communism than capitalism.
    Second, the reality of communism was, horrifically, exactly the opposite of the naïve view held by today’s young and by many people around the world in the last century.
    Third, the essential faults and failures of communism also characterize all government to some degree, especially democratic socialism, progressivism and statist liberalism.


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    We’re No. 2, or 3 – But That’s Not Good

    By Ron Knecht and James Smack – 5Dec.2017
    Nevada was hit hardest among the 50 states by the Great Recession of 2007-09 and was the slowest to recover.  It was the last state to see its total employment levels return to pre-recession figures – even though our population growth had already resumed.
    Since nearly everyone agrees that high employment is good, you’d think a public policy change that increases employment is something politicians would embrace.  From experience, we’re skeptical, but we offer here evidence for just such a change: reforming state occupation licensing laws.


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