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The Libertarian Party takes a "Common Sense Approach" to politics. Most people agree with our positions but are not familiar with the Libertarian Party, or have been misinformed about what Libertarians really believe. Libertarians typically agree with about 40% of Democrat positions, 40% of Republican positions and have some of our own ideas. If you live in Nevada, Northern or Southern, you are probably a Libertarian and just don't know it! 73% of Americans agree with the majority of Libertarian Positions on important issues.

The mission of LPNevada is to "influence public policy into a more Libertarian direction." We do not need to have elected officials in order to influence public policy, we need a solid plan and the relationships to make it happen!





LPNevada is currently drafting legislation to introduce to the State Assembly and State Senate. For more information, please visit LPNevada is drafting the following three legislation(s) and identifying sponsors:



  • Legalization of Recreational Use of Marijuana. This is an industry where Nevada should have lead the way. Colorado has experienced rapid growth by creating a new industry overnight. Tourism is up, new jobs have been created and Colorado has become the nucleus for the Marijuana industry. LPNevada is drafting legislation similar to Colorado, and trying to push it through the State Legislature and get it signed into law.

  • Nevada Jobs and Entrepreneur Diversity Act. Nevada should set a precedent to the rest of the country on by allowing easy access to capital for businesses which require investments to launch or further develop their business model. Strict laws make it very challenging for companies to successfully raise capital. This act will enable Nevada companies to easily raise money from Nevada residents via intrastate offerings. This will also encourage new job growth by incentivizing companies to relocate to Nevada. Additionally, one of the goals will be to create a niche banking industry in Nevada with an influx of venture capital firms, venture capital funds, hedge funds, investment banks and traditional banks who wish to participate in these offerings. Furthermore, startup companies will be incentivized to establish a presence in Nevada to take advantage of benefits for doing business in Nevada.

  • Nevada Alternative Currency Act. LPNevada will be working closely with members of the digital currency community to provide leadership on legislation which will recognize alternative currencies such as digital currencies, gold and silver as legal tender in Nevada. Currently there are not any laws in the Nevada Revised Statutes which prohibit the use of alternative currencies, however, we would like to be proactive in lieu of reactive to legislation. Additionally, we would like to include the ability for Nevada to pay bills to the state (taxes, licenses or other expenses) in alternative currencies to include silver. After all, we are the silver state!





LPNevada will be working to support ongoing initiatives and to fight others, please visit Below are three important initiatives we will be working on:


  • The Education Initiative (aka the Margin Tax). LPNevada is strongly opposed to this initiative. This will be on the ballot this November and we will fight tooth and nail against it. In essence, the Education Initiative (also known as the Margin Tax) is a 2% tax on the gross revenues of all businesses in Nevada, regardless of whether your company is making a profit or losing money. Revenues from the tax will be allocated to public schools., from kindergarten through high school, and kept in the State Distributive School Account. In a time where Nevada is among the highest in national unemployment, this will be a deterrent for companies to expand or to relocate in Nevada.

  • Marriage Equality. The LPNevada is supporting the 2016 ballot measure to substitute gender neutral definition of marriage in Nevada (marriage equality). In the long term, we hope to end the State's interference in people's relationships entirely. However, we recognize that there is a long road to marriage freedom and favor an incremental approach as a matter of practicality. As long as government discriminates on the basis of people's relationship status, there is no grounds for them to create additional arbitrary restrictions. There is no reason to censor the individual rights of same sex unions. In order to restore this essential freedom, we intend to submit an amicus brief in favor of the plaintiffs in Sevcik v. Sandoval, Jackson v. Abercrombie, and Latta v. Otter. We also fully support the 2016 ballot initiative to repeal the unconstitutional and unconscionable ban on same sex marriage in the Nevada Constitution. Las Vegas is a marriage capital of the world and legalizing same sex marriage will lead to substantial revenues and increased tourism throughout Nevada.

  • Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana Like Alcohol. LPNevada is supporting this initiative. We are working with and supporting The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol to qualify a measure for the November 2016 ballot that would end marijuana prohibition in Nevada and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol. Marijuana sales would be conducted by licensed businesses that generate new tax revenue for our state and its localities. Law enforcement officials would be able to redirect their time and resources toward addressing serious crimes. And adults 21 and older who use marijuana responsibly would no longer face arrest and prosecution. In order to qualify for the 2016 ballot, the campaign must submit more than 100K valid signatures by Nov. 11, 2014. You can contact us to sign the petition!

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