Volunteer Division

The Volunteer Division shall work closely with the Outreach Division to enable individuals activated by the Outreach Division to aid and assist the organization in a meaningful capacity. This work shall include recruiting individuals as volunteers for the organization, applying their talents and time toward organization-backed campaigns, and responding to grassroots-level inquiries acquired from volunteer interactions.

Volunteer Division general responsibilities:

  • Volunteer Onboarding. Develop a system to effectively manage all volunteers including maintaining a Volunteer Profile when onboarding volunteers.
  • Management. Management and placement of Volunteers.
  • Volunteer Plan. Develop a plan to recruit volunteers as well as provide the necessary training and support.
  • Activists. The lifeblood of the Libertarian Party is its Activists, help manage everyone interested in being an Activist.
  • In reach. Handling in bound volunteer inquiries.
  • Campaigns. Work with volunteers interested in working on campaigns.

Volunteer Division Committees:

  • Volunteer Committee. General committee for recruiting and maintaining relationships with Libertarian volunteers. Maintain and update a field manual for the Volunteer Division.


Positions, Job Descriptions & Requirements

Volunteer Director


Job Description: The Volunteer Director manages and oversees the Volunteer Division. Their primary function is recruiting and building relationships with volunteers. Additionally, the Volunteer Director will provide leadership, training, and mentoring to county parties and draft the Volunteer Division field manual.

Principle Accountabilities:

  1. Responsible for establishing and populating all necessary committees as well as recruit and appoint all leaders within the Volunteer Division.
  2. Mentor and lead all other members of the Volunteer Division.
  3. Develop and maintain relationships with all volunteers.
  4. Recruit volunteers for the Libertarian Party.
  5. Develop, implement, and evaluate a volunteer plan.
  6. Maintain a profile on each volunteer.
  7. Collaborate and work with the Political, Outreach and Event Divisions.
  8. Draft a plan for the state to work together with the counties to develop similar programs on the local level.
  9. Oversee the drafting and publishing of the Volunteer Division field manual.


  • Strong networker with business development skills.
  • Good understanding of the community.
  • Strong planning and project management skills with the ability to work well under pressure.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities concurrently in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Experience working with volunteers.
  • Sincere commitment to work with all constituent groups including all other staff, board members, and volunteers.
  • Self-starter, able to work independently, and entrepreneurial.


Assistant Volunteer Director


Job Description: Responsible for assisting the Volunteer Director in all aspects of the position.


Join the Volunteer Division Team

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