Thank you, Donors!


Thank you.

Because of you, the Libertarian Party of Nevada has made great strides forward this year. You and I together have created a freer Nevada - from our work in the Nevada Legislature fighting Uber/Lyft restrictions and advocating for body cameras on all police officers, to the new and varied socials throughout the state.

These socials are our grassroots fight for liberty. This is the one-on-one advocacy for libertarian ideals that you and I know works best. When you and I can start the conversation with our neighbors, friends, and colleagues, we can make liberty win.

Without you, this would not be possible. Thank you for your passion for liberty, support for the party, and generosity of spirit; together, we are going to bring peace, prosperity, and freedom to Nevada!

Much Gratitude,
Alexander M. DiBenedetto
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Nevada


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