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  • Digital Underground's Shock G endorses Robert Strawder

    Greg "Shock G" Jacobs, known for being the front man of Digital Underground and a co-producer of several Tupac hits, has endorsed Robert Strawder for U.S. Congress.  Robert "The Vegas Don" Strawder is also a hip hop artist and a fellow member of Digital Underground, and running for House of Representatives on the Libertarian ticket. 

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  • Libertarian Tip

    Libertarian Tip

    If you have spent more than five minutes around the Libertarian Party you have certainly heard the expression "taxation is theft." There are many articles out there about why taxation is theft and to quickly go over it they will all basically tell you that theft is the taking of something by force or coercion without the owner's permission. These articles will then go on to tell you that the government forces you to pay taxes whether you agree to or not and will threaten you with jail or wage garnishment or both and therefore taxation is theft.

    Many people in the Libertarian Party have started to do something called The Libertarian Tip. Basically here's how it works:

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