Join the Leadership Team

Are you concerned with the direction the United States and Nevada is heading? Want to help?

The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada) is looking for people just like you to get involved in leadership roles within the Party. LPNevada relies on its members to provide support and activism to keep the Liberty movement growing in Nevada. The Libertarian Party is the fastest growing party in Nevada (as well as the U.S.) and there are many opportunities to get involved!

Below is a list of vacant leadership positions we are currently recruiting for. If you are interested in learning more and getting involved, please CLICK HERE to apply today or scroll to the bottom of the page!

Leadership Roles

Field Division

Field Division Director – oversees the day-to-day operations of the LPN’s Field Division, including recruiting and training volunteers and researching and recommending outreach opportunities.


  1. Develop, implement, and evaluate an annual Volunteer Recruitment and Outreach plan.
  2. Recruit and train volunteers for LPN and provide them with opportunities to volunteer at least monthly.
  3. Maintain and publish a database of all volunteers and outreach events for LPN.
  4. Hires the Volunteer Director and Outreach Director

Outreach Director
- oversees all outreach opportunities, particularly booths or tables at events.


  1. Create a database of outreach events and opportunities for volunteers to table or work a booth.
  2. Work with liberty-minded caucuses and coalitions to create opportunities to reach new communities of people.
  3. Cultivate relationships with people in external organizations focused on community service and education.

Political Division

Candidate Development Director

Candidate Recruitment Director

Administrative Division

Training Director

Development Division

Development Division Director

Donor Retention Specialist

Donor Prospecting Specialist

Development Specialist

Legislative Division

Chief Lobbyist

Communications Division

Editor-in-Chief - Oversees all blogs and e-mail newsletters for the Party with complete editorial authority.


  1. Develop, implement, and evaluate an annual Written Communications plan for the LPN.
  2. Foster a community of blog and newsletter writers. Create and maintain a blog guide and establish editorial practices for the blog and newsletter.
  3. Periodically (at least monthly) email a newsletter to the entire database for the Libertarian Party of Nevada with upcoming events, links to podcasts, and newsletter articles.
  4. Periodically implement campaigns to publish op-eds and letters to the editor in major print and online newspapers/journals in Nevada.

IT Division


Oversees the LP Nevada website and county websites.


  1. Updates and maintains the LP Nevada main website ( as necessary
  2. Updates and maintains the LP Nevada county affiliate websites (i.e., as necessary

Helpful, But Not Required:

  1. Basic knowledge of HTML
  2. Basic knowledge of CSS
  3. Basic knowledge of JavaScript (JS)

Help Desk Technician

Assists IT Division Director in handling support tickets.


  1. Responds to support tickets submitted in a timely, professional manner
  2. Ensures all information is kept confidential
  3. Marks tickets as Closed and/or Resolved as applicable and necessary
  4. Assists IT Division Director in overseeing the help desk

Database Director

Maintains LP Nevada database.


  1. Maintains primary database of LP Nevada
  2. Assists IT Division Director with setting Party-wide database usage, manipulation, and maintenance standards
  3. Ensures database is kept secure

Updated July 14, 2018