Join the Leadership Team

Are you concerned with the direction the United States and Nevada is heading? Want to help?

The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada) is looking for people just like you to get involved in leadership roles within the Party. LPNevada relies on its members to provide support and activism to keep the Liberty movement growing in Nevada. The Libertarian Party is the fastest growing party in Nevada (as well as the U.S.) and there are many opportunities to get involved!

Below is a list of vacant leadership positions we are currently recruiting for. If you are interested in learning more and getting involved, please CLICK HERE to apply today or scroll to the bottom of the page!

Leadership Roles


Field Division

Field Division Director - oversees all field division responsibilities. Works closely with each director to develop and implement an overall field strategy to maximize outreach and engagement with registered Libertarians, members, volunteers, and the community at large.

Outreach Director - responsible for prospecting communities and community events for LP engagement. Recommends and organizes tabling at community events and organizes opportunities to reach out to prospective communities about Libertarianism. Trains volunteers to assist with these tasks. Primary liaison to the Nevada Young Libertarians and other Libertarian Party special interest groups.

Events Director - responsible for prospecting and securing venues for social events, leadership team meetings, and the annual state convention. Coordinates with property owners to ensure smooth relations and act as the primary liaison. Trains volunteers on setting up and striking events.

Political Division

Political Division Director - oversees all political division responsibilities. Works closely with each director to develop and implement an overall political strategy to maximize Libertarian campaign results. Works to determine ideal districts and races to run in and, when approved, makes deals with other political parties in a mutually-satisfactory exchange.

Candidate Recruitment Director - responsible for prospecting potential candidates from Party members and identifying those with the aptitude and skills to run for political office. Concentrates on finding the best districts for LP candidates to run for office and then finding a candidate to run for that office.

Candidate Development Director - responsible for training potential candidates and campaign staff on all areas relating to organizing and running a true campaign. Develops and runs three 6-week boot camps of stacking political training for Party candidates. Identifies potential candidates and campaign staff who should receive advanced training as well as training by LI, Wellstone, and/or AFP.

Administrative Division

Administrative Division Director - oversees all administrative division responsibilities. Works closely with each director to develop and implement an overall administrative strategy to maximize financial transparency, intraparty efficiency, and interpersonal relationships.

Legislative Division

Lobbyists (3) - responsible for speaking on behalf of the Party to the state legislature and legislative subcommittees to introduce or amend pending legislation to protect Libertarian interests.

Communications Division

Print Media Director - responsible for ensuring consistent, quality content for Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor for the Party. Ghost writes articles for Party leadership when necessary. Works closely with the political correspondents at newspapers to develop close relationships and maximize organic reach in traditional media.

Public Relations Director - responsible for taking interviews and holding press conferences on behalf of the Party. Works closely with television, radio, and podcast contacts to maximize organic reach and interviews. Drafts media advisories ahead of official party conventions and special events. Drafts monthly press releases for consistent news material on the Party.

Electronic Media Director - responsible for curating website content for the Party. Works with graphic designers to create content for social media, events, etc. Creates digital marketing emails for monthly membership updates on happenings at the Party.

Development Division

Development Division Director - oversees all development division responsibilities. Works closely with each director to develop and implement a strategy to maximize revenue through donor retention and donor prospecting.

Donor Retention Director - responsible for thanking all donors for their generosity in various medias: emails, personal phone calls, handwritten notes, and face-to-face meetings or dinners. When donor memberships lapse, makes the ask for another donation.

Donor Prospecting Director - responsible for emailing, calling, writing, and meeting with Party members and persuading them to become part of a regular giving process to the Party. For large donations ($1000 or more), works with the donor for the best possible one-time donation.

Updated November 7, 2018