The "War on Drugs"



The "War on Drugs"

Libertarians want to end the failed "War on Drugs" and Legalize Marijuana.

Libertarians believe Nevada would prosper from legalizing marijuana. This new industry would lead to additional small businesses in the economy and a significant amount of new jobs created. Nevada will realize tremendous revenues from the cannabis industry which will grow our local economy. We believe this will increase tourism in both Southern and Northern Nevada.

The drug war costs over $40 billion per year and destroys millions of lives. Over 20% of the US prison population is incarcerated solely for drug crimes as well as over 25% of the population on probation, and 33% of the population on parole. Abuse of hard drugs is a health problem that should be dealt with by health experts, not a problem that should be clogging up our courts, jails, and prisons with drug offenders. In addition to the significant financial strain, the very worst hazard of the drug war may be the expansion of police powers through confiscation laws, "no-knock" warrants and other "anti-drug" measures. These tactics can't stop the drug trade, but they are making a mockery of our supposed Constitutional freedoms.

Drug-related crime (which is over 85% of all crime) is caused not by drugs, but by drug laws that make them expensive and create a monopoly for criminals. Before we can get serious about reducing the harms associated with drugs, we have to accept that there will never be a drug-free society. To create a drug-free society, we'd have to build a police apparatus so intrusive that all Americans would have to be under surveillance 24 hours a day!

We can minimize the harms and negative effects drugs have on society by making sure drug abusers are able to access effective treatment options. Instead of continuing to arrest and incarcerate drug users, we should seriously consider the examples of countries such as Portugal and the Netherlands, and we should ultimately choose to adopt policies which aim to reduce death, disease, violence, and crime associated with dangerous drugs.

Lastly, Libertarians believe the government should not be able to tell us what we can and cannot put into our body.