Taxes and "Fees"



Taxes and "Fees"

Libertarians want to decrease the amount of all taxes and all fees in Nevada.

Libertarians want to cut taxes for all Nevadans and offset the difference in revenues by reducing the size and spending of the government. Libertarians consistently oppose and fight against legislation to introduce new taxes or raise taxes as a condition for new programs.

Legislators have recently been approving new "fees" in lieu of taxes because it is easier to pass a fee than it is a tax. Ultimately a new fee is the same as a new tax and Nevadans should not accept new fees.

One way to limit the scope of the government is to limit the ability of it to collect money. Libertarians encourage law makers to become more fiscally responsible and accountable (personally) for annual expenditures before raising taxes or implementing new fees.

Libertarians oppose the implementation of any tax that does not directly represent those who are being taxed. The long learned lesson of "Taxation without Representation" is the cornerstone of a society that values liberty and equality in the eyes of the law. This basic tenet ensures that the governing have the consent of the governed.