Jobs and Unemployment



Jobs and Unemployment

Libertarians supports capitalism and free market solutions to job creation.

Nevada needs a plan to diversify our industries and encourage new businesses to move here. We can achieve this will less bureaucracy and intervention from city, county, state and the federal governments. We also believe encouraging entrepreneurism through small businesses which will lead to immediate job creation. Additionally, we feel government support for labor unions impede the grown in the public sector.

Libertarians believe that reducing the size and scope of government is the best way to improve the job market. Government cannot allocate resources as effectively as market forces, so even programs explicitly designed to reduce unemployment are likely to be counter-productive. Each high paying government job exists at the expense of every private sector job. The result is less private sector investment, smaller margins, and a poor environment for business. The best way to improve the labor market is by reducing the barriers erected by government. This includes lowering taxes, reducing or eliminating business license requirements, provide easier access to capital and scaling back crippling or expensive regulation. The government has spent countless sums on public works and "stimulus," yet there are 60,000 fewer jobs in Las Vegas. Since 2009, with Senator Harry Reid's backing, over $1.3 billion in federal taxpayer subsidies has gone into renewable-energy contracts in Nevada. Yet the projects those subsidies fund are projected to create only 288 permanent jobs in the state. This failed jobs plan cost taxpayers $4.6 million per job!

Libertarians want the government to get out of the way of job creation and leave it to the private sector.