The most common Libertarian position on immigration is open borders; however, this is a very complex issue when we factor in the variables of our times such as central banking, fiat currency and wealth distribution programs. Open borders will work if neighboring countries operate under free market conditions also. All countries would benefit from the freedom of economical mobility. All countries would economically benefit from free trade and mutual cooperation without government interventions.

Is open borders the answer or does the issue come down to private property rights? If I want to invite someone onto my property what right does another human have to prohibit that freedom of association?

Immigration can be a problem when a government incentivize unproductive behaviors and dangles "freebies" to people. The founders held a firm belief in free immigration. They had to as they did not have the means to close borders so they implemented a plan that worked wonders for the prosperity of all Americans. All that was offered was freedom, liberty, and the chance to work hard and make it. There was no free money to be had, no programs, and etc... Yet in the absent of this mutual aid societies and charities where set up to help immigrants assimilate, get medical help and many other good things. This happens because people care. Thus the incentive to immigrated mostly attracted hard workers and entrepreneurs. These type of people benefit the economics of country.

Today the federal government incentivizes humans to be unproductive from generation to generation and we can see this is not sustainable. In summary immigration will always appear to be a problem because the state and federal governments incentivize the unproductive behaviors. Then since the state and federal governments view every issue as a nail and there only tool is a hammer they institute more and more force thinking the same old reforms and solutions will give a different outcome.

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