Political Division


The Political Division shall be responsible for recruiting and training Libertarian candidates for public office. This shall include working with volunteers and maintaining a list of all elected and appointed offices. The Political Division shall provide support to Candidates such as assistance with filing the proper paperwork and assisting campaign strategy. The Political Division will support the Libertarian Party Presidential nominees.

Political Division general responsibilities:

Political Division Committees:

Political Committee. General committee for Candidate recruitment, training & support.
Elected & Appointed Offices Committee. Maintain and update the database of all elected and appointed statewide and county offices.


Positions, Job Descriptions & Requirements

Political Director

Job Description: The Political Director manages and oversees the Political Division. Their primary function is to recruit Candidates for all elected and appointed offices. The Political Director will work with the Communications Division to draft messaging and communications each election cycle. Additionally, they will gather and analyze voter data for each elected office and provide the data to the Candidates campaign. They will maintain a database of all Libertarian Candidates.

Principle Accountabilities:

  1. Responsible for establishing and populating all necessary committees as well as recruit and appoint all leaders within the Political Division.
  2. Mentor and lead all other members of the Political Division.
  3. Develop, implement, and evaluate an annual Candidate recruitment plan.
  4. Recruit and train Candidates to run for office as a Libertarian.
  5. Maintain and publish a database of all appointed and elected offices in Nevada.
  6. Oversee the drafting and publishing of the Political Division field manual.



Assistant Political Director

Job Description: Responsible for assisting the Political Director in all aspects of the position. 


Join the Political Division Team

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