Dependently Wealthy to Independently Strong


Sarah Miller thinks outside the box.  She has a unique brand of humor and frankly doesn’t care who gets offended.  “Since when did free speech become conditional?” she asks rhetorically.  When this freelance writer and fan of all things libertarian isn’t stirring up controversy, she’s tackling new challenges.  Miller recently competed in NBC’s latest fitness reality show, Strong.

The same month the TV show premieres on NBC, Miller’s book Dependently Wealthy debuts on Amazon.  The shocking true story delivers the juicy details of a younger, less experienced Miller who lived a surreal dream in dating an 80 year old billionaire.  Although pop culture has taught young women at the same time to become “gold diggers” and to hate them, this memoir is disarming with its revealing honesty.

This book deals heavily with psychology, emotions, and confusion on the path of life.  Sarah remembers being the black sheep of the family and a social chameleon, blending in rather than fitting in.  She was overweight and often bullied as a kid and preteen.  Suddenly, she blossomed before the ninth grade and noticed how differently the world treated her once she was ‘hot.’

“It sent me a crystal-clear message about what the world values.”  Fast forward to meeting an elderly billionaire and smooth talker.


“I was younger and I saw the world in a different way.  A lot of it was boredom, frustration with the same old routine, and I just needed to experience something completely out of the box.  I had no idea what I actually wanted, or needed, in my life.  I just wanted to push the limits.” 

The experience also gave her insight into the hidden world of professional gold diggers.  “I met a lot of women, other rich men’s trophy girls, who were lifelong gold diggers.  You’d think they’d be happy with all the luxury, right? But it turns out they were miserable! They just accepted their misery and thought ‘at least the money makes it more comfortable.’  I could never feel the same way.”

Today, Sarah Miller is a published author and a successful independent entrepreneur.  The end of the billionaire relationship was the beginning of an important transformation for her.  The off-the-wall details include soul searching, wilderness forced marches, and Ayn Rand (to be revealed soon). 

Dependently Wealthy debuts June 2016 on Amazon is available for pre-sale now.  Strong premiers on NBC April 13.  Follow the Libertarian Party of Nevada for the next exclusive scoop on the life of Sarah Miller, professional trouble maker.


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