Our Party

The Libertarian Party is 3rd largest and the fastest growing political party in the United States. Millions of Americans voted for Libertarian Party candidates in past elections because the Libertarian Party offers a viable alternative to the broken 2 party system in America.

Libertarians believe the answer to America's political problems is the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness:

  • A free-market economy and the abundance and prosperity it brings;
  • A dedication to personal freedom and civil liberties that marks this country above all others;
  • A foreign policy of free trade, non-intervention, and peace as intended by America's founders.
  • Our mission is to defend the freedom and increase the liberty of all Nevadans. We will do this by recruiting Libertarian candidates for public office, educating the public about our principles, growing the membership, and winning elections.

The Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada) is governed by the LPNevada State Executive Committee (Executive Committee or Ex Com). The Executive Committee is comprised of four state officers, two Regional Representatives (Northern and Southern) and one At-Large Representative.

LPNevada is a bottom-up, grassroots organization that highly values the important work done locally to spread the Libertarian message. If you'd like to get involved in a leadership role or as a volunteer or contributor, please contact us today!

The current leadership has developed a plan to significantly grow the Libertarian Party throughout Nevada. LPNevada will provide a viable option to voters which gives Libertarians the potential to permanently unseat one of the Major parties in Nevada and become a predominant political party in the state! In order to achieve these goals LPNevada needs your help! If you want to help build LPNevada please click here.