Nevada Caucuses a Huge Opportunity for LP

Trump, Rubik and Cruz. Image courtesy of

Both major parties have caucused in Nevada.  The respective winners are Hillary Clinton, taking the Democrat delegates, and Donald Trump, taking the Republican delegates.  The preliminary state elections are far from over, but Clinton and Trump are piling up victories compared to Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. This political climate creates a fantastic opportunity for the Libertarian Party!

More and more voters from both parties are becoming disgruntled and disillusioned. They justifiably feel like both parties are beginning to resemble one political establishment in which elections are bought and sold. This is a fabulous opportunity for the Libertarian Party to reach out to these disgruntled voters.

The Libertarian Party of Nevada already has a positive and productive working relationship with members of the two major parties. Libertarian Assemblyman John Moore has colleagues from the two parties he still works with at the State Assembly. LPN coalitions have working relationships with the two parties in Reno and in Clark County. LPN is also exposed to Sanders, Cruz, and Rubio supporters through its strategic partnership with Young Americans for Liberty at UNR, UNLV, and CSN.

Many of these angry voters might still cling to the statist, two-party us-versus-them ideology. We in the LP have a valuable but narrow opportunity to channel their disillusionment and anger and cure them from total apathy. Most LP and LPN members would agree with the phrase “Ron Paul cured my apathy.” This is exactly what we need to do for disgruntled Sanders, Cruz, and Rubio supporters.

Hillary Clinton wins the Nevada Democratic Caucus with a majority of delegates. Photo courtesy of CBS News

The beauty of Libertarian philosophy and the Party platform is that it contains elements that strongly appeal to both sides of the aisle. We can appeal to the Sanders supporters with our fervent opposition to unjust war, opposition to the war on drugs, and opposition to taxpayer-funded corporate welfare. We can appeal to the Republicans with our Party’s proven record of advocating for free markets and private commerce, low or no taxes, gun rights, and respect for the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This is not to mention the fact that voters who oppose Hillary or Trump believe one or both of the above to essentially be egoistical caricatures of themselves. Again, their emotions make them prime candidates for recruitment. Every poor or shady move by the political establishment alienates more and more people from the façade of the two parties. However, it is our responsibility as LP members to RECRUIT PEOPLE NOW.

We use the politicians’ gaffes, the candidates’ unpopular positions, and the poor leadership in both parties as ammunition to shake their loyalty to the two-party system. Furthermore, our recruiting tools are the many platform points of libertarianism an individual agrees with, no matter if on the Left or the Right, as well as endless opportunities for ordinary people to get directly involved and make a real difference in the political process.

All of this starts with each and every Party member talking to people and bringing new faces to Libertarian meetings and events, especially rallies and socials.