Privacy & Surveillance



Privacy & Surveillance

Libertarians want to end surveillance on US citizens in Nevada.

Libertarians believe that individuals have a right to privacy. Libertarians work hard to protect your rights in Nevada and stop government intrusion into our lives by stopping activities such as warrantless wiretapping and government surveillance.

Nevada's rate for approving wiretapping is 6 times larger than the National average. Although Libertarians fought against this, Nevada is 1 of 6 states in the US the FAA will test drones and eventually set legal precedence.

We feel the more secretive government becomes, the less logical, honest, transparent and responsible it becomes. Libertarians are concerned with the recent news about government programs used to infiltrate major communication and technology companies to gain information about US citizens.

The restrictions on government intrusion in the 4th amendment are the only mechanism protecting individuals from abuse, including persecution for dissent. The argument that "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" is only coherent if you would allow a private citizen to conduct the same search. If it would be too intrusive for anyone to have access to your cell phone meta-data, it's no less intrusive for government officials to have that access. We are not made safer by a more dangerous government, or by being more heavily dependent on the government.