Alcohol Regulation



Alcohol Regulation

Libertarians oppose any form of prohibition of alcohol to adults who are not harming others.

Drinking in public is a harmless novelty, which places Las Vegas at a considerable advantage to the rest of the country. Open container laws have a negative impact on overall tourism and serve no public interest on the strip, Fremont Street, or in other pedestrian friendly areas. The real harm open container laws create is by severely hurting local businesses.

Alcohol prohibition is widely accepted to have spawned criminal syndicates, random violence, corruption, and widespread disrespect for the law. But the aim of some legislators is to rework prohibition so that we can restrict, prevent, or control people's alcohol consumption, without regard for the unintended consequences. Open container laws, legal last calls, mandatory alcohol exclusion insurance laws, blue laws, and liquor licensing restrictions have all of the same effects of prohibition to varying degrees. Piecemeal prohibition is harmful in proportion to its share of wholesale prohibition.

All governments in Nevada should repeal open container laws.